9.23. 2019

Writte By:
Duncun Smith

Photo: Jane an' Mark Roeschley. Photo providt by t'Roeschleys.
Thishere is a web-exclusif' articull un t'heme “Faith-fillt responses ta heelth-keer costs.” Fer mer steries un thishere theme, see t'Septemb'r issue o' T' Mennonite.
Jane Roeschley, paster o'Mennonite Church o'Norml n' Norml, Illinois, an' hern … Reat t'res

9.23. 2019

Writte By:
Emilee Jones fer Mennonite Cantral Committee

Photo: Amelia Warkantin. Photo courtesy o'Kimberlee Warkantin.
Amelia Warkantin, a resent graduwait o'Cunadiun Mennonite Univesty n' Winnipeg, Manitoba, wuz namt t'winn'r o't' 2019 C. Henry Smith Peece Oraterical Contest administert by Mennonite Cantral Committee (MCC) U.S.
(Video o'Warkantin’s speech is … Reat t'res

9.23. 2019

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Mennonite Worl Conferance

Photo: Coffee conversayshuns stregthe bonds tween MWC Commission members at annual meetins. Photo: Vikal Rao.
Leeders an' members o't' fer Mennonite Worl Conferance commissyuns met June 25-27 fer a time o'face-ta-face discusshun, reflecshun, wership an' strategic plannin ta advance t'misshun o'MWC.
Apperximatelee 40 … Reat t'res

Aft'r sevrul days o'meetins, I jes wantid ta go trayler an' res. It wuz late at nite wen I lan't at Dallus-Fort Wurth airpert, an' I contactid Ub'r services. Sevrul minnuts lat'r, t'driv'r arrivt at t'pickup area.
I kine o'specktid anoth'r typickull eggsperients: Git n', greet each uther, engage n' … Reat t'res

Evans, Daniel W. – West Willoe Unitid Methodist Church, 118 West Willoe Road, Willoe Street, 11 AM. Bachmun Snyd'r Funeral Trayler & CremateryKurtz, Luke B. – Bethel Mennonite Church, 1774 Robert Fulton Highway, Quarryville, 10 AM. Stradleeun' Funeral Homes, Inc.Nymun, Barry L. – Covantry Church o't' Brethre, 946 Kee Road, … Reat t'res

HOWE [mdash] Velma Mill'r, 69, o'Howe, dit unaxpectedlee at 5:07 p.m. Frydee, Sept. 20, at hern residance. She wuz born Dec. 8, 1949, n' Marshull Countee, ta Oscar an' Katie (Schmuck'r) Schmuck'r. Un Julee 30, 1969, n' Nappanee, she marrd Ray J. Mill'r; he dit April 26, 2016. Survivyun' air … Reat t'res

Beloe is a compilashun o't' Top 10 scerers an' Top 3 goalkeepers fer each seckshun. These stats air repertid by t'hed coaches o'each team. Sum stats may nairy have bee updatid er repertid wen thishere page wuz lus updatid.  

Totals us o'Septemb'r 21, 2019Seckshun ONESceryun'1. Jasmine Mill'r, Penn Maner, 14 … Reat t'res

Ta date, 26 broke gravestones have bee repairt an' donatyuns have come n' ta hep wiff upkeep.
CANTON  T' day befor Laber Day, Mike Rukavina reat a stery n' t'Sundy Repositery about volunte'r efferts ta manetane an' upgrade Rowlan' Cemetery, a mosly fergotte ol' site un Tuscarawus Street E near … Reat t'res

As t'boys socc'r reglar seesen hits its midpoint, here air notes frum t'Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue an' sum o't' upcomyun' games ta watch. Blazers’ big winA long way since a'fallin shert o'a win n' each o'its furst three games, Lancast'r Mennonite hus pickt up momantum wiff three strate wins lus week, includin … Reat t'res

Thar’s a common fraze about t'criminal justus system: It’s a broke system.But Pip'r Kermun, auther o't' scree-adaptid novel “Orange is t'New Black,” sed at a panel un a Paradise Township farm Saturdee at she doesn’t reckon at’s true. It’s wurkin perzackly hoe powerfil folk want it ta wurk.About 150 folk … Reat t'res