LITITZ, Pa. (WHTM) – Mennonite Disast'r Servus volunteers air hedded ta arees o't' Carolinas hardest hit by Hurrikune Flerance.

Enough money wuz raiset durin air telethon, Operayshun Flood Relief, ta send a group o'volunteers fer 10 days.

T' team will assess damage an' provide victims wiff much-neetet supplies, n' addishun ta heppin repair thar homes.

  Inny kuntry, organizashun an' group has no rite ta interfere n' an' make deecishun ov'r sovereigntee o'a kuntry sed Comman'r-n'-Chief o'Defance Services Seenyer Genrull Min Aung Hlayun' n' a meetin wiff officers, uther ranks an' thar famblies at Lashio Stayshun un Septemb'r 23.  

  KISSAPA– A delegashun let by British Secretree o'State fer Forn an' Commonweelth Affairs Rt. Hon. Jeremy Hunt Reet Moe →

A paster who doesn’t fit n' one place mite flourish sumwhars else. N' acoupla impertant cases resantlee, good pasters had ta move un (without leevin thar congregatyuns). T' reesons, an' t'changes at resultid, showd contrastyun' ways o'deeleeun' wiff diversitee.

T' furst case happent at Fresno (Calif.) Pacific Univesty, which scrappet whut should have bee a greet fit. As we repertid n' air Sept. 10 issue, Reet Moe →

Despite bein well-suitid fer Anabaptists, Icelan' is devoid o'um. Perhaps t'mos literate kuntry n' t'worl jes hasn’t heerd tell about air bran' o'faith yet. Maybe Arctic Circle agriculture’s brief growin seesons, harsh volkunic lan'scapes an' near-endless wint'r nites above t'64th parallel wuz simplee too much fer a faith so tiet ta wurkin t'lan'.

Tho Icelan'’s roots air steepet n' Vikyun' lore, minny a bleev t'Nerwegyins who Reet Moe →

A new direckshun an' a differnt interpretashun air moth'r’s milk ta t'histeriun. At times thishere is hepful. At uther times, nairy so much.

Anabaptism, definet frum its incepshun by its enemies, mer resantlee kum ta be unnerstood n' terms o'its followers’ courageyus stan' n' t'16th centry. At view has bee challenget n' its own ranks by sum who have callt thems believers less thun responsibull, inflaxibull n' deeleeun' wiff thar adversaries an' nairy rilly whut thay wuz cracket up ta be.

Thishere, Reet Moe →

SAPPerO, Japun — A quiz un global Christyinitee an' Anabaptism preparet Japanese Mennonites ta talk about beliefs Anabaptists roun t'worl share.

T' discusshun wuz part o't' annual Peece Missyuns Cant'r seminar Julee 15-16 at Fukuzumi Mennonite Cant'r.


At t'annual Peece Missyuns Cant'r seminar n' Sappero, Japun, participants discuss Mennonite Worl Conferance’s Sharet Convictyuns. — Atsuhiro Katano/MWC

A group frum Nihon Menonaito Kirisuto Kyokai Kyogikai (Japun Reet Moe →

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. — Saturdee is t'sekunt day o't' Michyina Mennonite Relief Sale at t'Elkhart Countee Fairgrounds, an' all o't' funds go ta Mennonite Cantral Committee.

MCC is a ministry at provides basic humun needs an' serves fer peece worl-wide.

Event organizers say t'sale is a big celebrashun an' brings differnt folk togeth'r.

Sale goers eggsperients activitees, auctyuns an' venders throughout t'weekend.

T' fundraisyun' event supperts t'relief development an' peece makin Reet Moe →

Let me make one thang clar frum t'start. Wen Grumpy an' I set out ta discov'r mer about t'Amish an' Mennonites, we wuz nev'r intendyun' ta lif' like 'um. It’s jes I always find it mer fun ta larn about thangs firsthan' thun ta read about 'um n' a book. So it wuz we foun ourselves heddin off ta Nerthern Indiannie fer a weekend.

I admit I knew verr lil about t'acoupla religiyus groups, uther thun at thay dress like t'youngest volunteers at t'Nap'r Reet Moe →


BLUFFTON — Mennonite Trayler Communitees will off'r a a'loose presantashun un “Unaxpectid Decisyuns” frum 12 ta 1 p.m. Winsdee at Mennonite Memerial Trayler, 410 Elm St., Bluffton. T' presantashun is appervet fer one contact hour fer soshul wurkers an' nurses. Lunch will be providet.

Pre-registrashun rekwiret by callin Betsi Werleeun' at 419-358-1015, ext. 211 er emaileeun' bwerleeun'@mhcolivyun'.org.


Iowa Mennonite uset a pair o'three-set wins ov'r Highlan' an' WACO ta advance ta Saturdee’s SEISC quarterfinals. 

Thirsdee’s poo play at Highlan' High Skool consistid o'Vun Bure, Iowa Mennonite, WACO an' Highlan'. Vun Bure won t'poo wiff a 3-0 recerd an' Iowa Mennonite took runn'r-up at 2-1.  

Aft'r a solid 21-16 win n' t'furst set ov'r WACO, Iowa Mennonite lookt out o'serts an' Reet Moe →