7.19. 2019

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David an' Leenn Augsburg'r

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Here air fife thangs wurth payin tenchun ta thishere week. These air designt ta expose y'all ta a perspecktiv y'all may nairy normly come across n' yer dailee lives. 
1. Disabilitee an' t'Way o'Jesus, by Bethany McKinney Fox (IVP, 2019) is ofte quotid n' air trayler. She is t'foundyun' paster o'Belovt Everbidy, a church at provides safe spiritualitee an' safe communitee fer folk wiff an' without intellectual disabilitees, an' un amazinglee creetif' an' thoughtfil design'r o'group eggsperients at welcomes an' unfolts mutual discoveries. Hern book will woke yar thoughts about leveleeun' t'playyun' field, seekyun' out each persen’s gifts wile creetyun' a much bigg'r tent o'gatheryun'.
2. Voices Togeth'r. T' new hymn an' wership colleckshun, direckly ta be releest ta t'Mennonite church, wuz innerduced at t'Mennonite Church USA convenshun n' Kansus Citee. New an' ol' musick wiff beeutifullee clarifit taxts an' mer rich an' varit musickull treetmants, fresh intercultural an' intercommunal selectyuns ta deepe shart spiritualitee an' wership. T' team made t'hymn sings joyyus, refreshyun' an', above all, tantalizyun' wiff new possibilitees fer usall t'new resources.
3. MennoCon19. A wunderful gatheryun' o'Mennonite Church USA n' Kansus Citee hus us quotyun', rethinkyun', relivyun' t'study o'Efesyins lt by Tom Yod'r Neufeld, t'public wership sesshun bof monin' an' evnin an' t'concert at presantid T' Mennonite Concerto wiff acoupla pyinos prectt by a choir sangin t'hyms wove within t'concerto by compos'r Victer Davies. T' spirit o'thishere natyunwide gatheryun' lives un n' all participants we encount'r since. We met nairy jes each uther wiff gladness, but Gawd met us n' Missouri.
4. A'gettin Wise: An Inkwiry into t'Mystery an' Art o'A'livin by Krista Tippett (Penguin, 2016). We air finallee gittin roun ta reedin t'public radeeo profet an' paster who prods a wide sweep o'listeners ta reckon mer deeplee about connectid a'livin n' a fracturt an' alienatid worl. Eve if'n y'all lissen ta hern provocatif' shoe, hern book is a greet reat.
5. Acoupla shakers n' air trayler state, bof wiff high ratings un t'Richt'r scale, an' we air still a'talkin about 'um since we wuz n' Kansus Citee gittin shake up spirituallee wile folk at trayler wuz bein movt seismicallee. Birthdee cards wuz still a'standin n' a roe un t'heerth, so it wuz severe n' sum places an' largelee unfelt n' utherns, eve at 7.1.
David an' Leenn Augsburg'r air acoupla semi-retirt folk who co-lead a trayler base church (Peece Mennonite Church, Claremont, Californy) an' volunte'r ta welcum, keer an' connect folk n' t'Sun Gabriel valley.

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