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FARMINGTON, Mo. — Funeral services will be helt today fer t'7-year-ol' boy killt n' a buggy acksident near Farmington lus Thirsdee.
Mervin Shirk dit aft'r his'n fambly’s herse buggy wuz struck by a pickup truck un Route OO. Fer uther fambly members wuz seriouslee injurt. Thay wuz hedded ta a neerby blueberry farm.
T' Mennonite trayler gardens communitee market off Ol' Fredericktown Road will be clost today fer t'funeral.
So fur no charges have bee filt agin t'eenage driv'r o't' pickup.  Investigaters air a'lookin into wuther spet playd a facter n' t'deedlee crash.

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