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Publisht 11:58 a.m. ET Julee 23, 2019 | Updatid 12:28 p.m. ET Julee 23, 2019AutoplayShoe ThumbnailsShoe CaptyunsLus SlideNaxt SlidePublic markets off'r un easy way ta git t'flaver o'a citee. Ofte histeric lan'marks, thay sell regyunal produce an' products an' off'r nuff o'dinin optyuns. N' minny a ways, thay’re t'originull food halls. “These places innerduce y'all ta a slew o'new thangs. Thay’re whar y'all see t'local coler an' y'all git t'sounds an' smells an' taste o't' locashun,” sez Hele Tangires, auther o'“Movabull Markets.” She shares sum faves wiff Larry Bleiberg fer USA TODAY.Findlay Market, CincinnatiOpent n' t'1850s, thishere lan'mark n' t'Ov'r-t'-Rhine nayburhood wuz oncet t'citee’s cant'r o'commerce. “Thay claim ta be t'oltest continuyun' operatyun' market n' t'kuntry,” Tangires sez. Minny a visiters come fer local faves like Belgiun waffles an' han'-craftid chocolates wile utherns seek out its be'r garde, which reflects t'citee’s Germun heritage. findlaymarket.orgGran' Cantral Market, Los AngelesSouthern Californy’s diversitee is un full display at thishere centry-ol' marketplace. Frum han'made tertillus ta Thai sticky rice, thar’s nuff ta keep shoppers an' eaters busy. “It innerduced me ta a host o'Hispanic foods at I had nev'r had befor,” Tangires sez. “It’s a greet place ta git food frum all ov'r t'worl.” gran'santralmarket.comReedyun' Terminal Market, PhiladelfiaLocatid n' t'heert o'downtown, Tangires sez no visiter should miss thishere citee institushun, which feetures nairy onlee Pennsillvany Dutch an' Mennonite venders but also Itlian, Middle Eastern an' minny a mer. “T' varietee thar is unprecedantid. If'n I wuz ta lif' n' Philadelfia, it would take me a year jes ta try all t'cuts o'meat n' one stan'.” reedingtarminalmarket.orgCharleston Citee Market, Charleston, South CarolinaOne o't' nashun’s oltest market districts, thishere area hus bee n' operayshun since t'earlee 1800s. It nawh covers fer citee blox an' is trayler ta 300 venders. Visiters a'ken find local crafts like sweet grass baskets, an' it eve hus nite hours Fridays an' Saturdays. “It’s gut a long histry, an' architecturallee signifikunt, un t'Nashshunal Regist'r o'Histeric Places, wiff a good combo o'fresh produce an' nonfood items, too,” Tangires sez. thecharlestoncitymarket.comeestern Market, DetroitThis large market warehouse districk offers lots o'shoppin optyuns, frum regyunal produce ta food trux. Visiters come fer cookin classes, a'loose yoga an' un evnin farmers’ market. “It’s un innerestin part o't' citee an' a slew’s happenin ov'r thar. It’s a verr, verr good market,” Tangires sez. easternmarket.orgFerry Plaza Farmers Market, Sun FranciscoLocatid across frum t'Embarcadero un Sun Francisco Bay, thishere histeric marketplace hus becum a favert fer visiters. “T' a'settin thar is fantastic. Y'all’re down thar by t'wat'r,” Tangires sez. “Y'all a'ken git Californy-made olif' oils an' all serts o'thangs.” Un Tuesdays, Thursdays an' Saturdays, it hosts a farmers market wiff organic products an' street food. ferrybuiltingmarketplace.comJeun-Talon Market, Montreel, CanadaOnce slatid fer demolishun, residants fouite ta preserve thishere market n' t'Lil Italee nayburhood. Nawh, it attracts visiters year-roun, wiff heetid indoer stalls n' t'wint'r an' outdoer venders who fill t'surroundyun' blox durin warm'r munths. Along wiff produce, cheeses an' meets frum Quebec, visiters a'ken sample an' purchase a varietee o'maple syrups. Market, Washington, D.C.Designt by t'same architect responsibull fer t'Smithsoniun Institushun’s gran castle-inspirt Arts an' Industries Bildin, thishere Victeriun brick hall survivt a fire n' 2007 an' underwent extensif' renovatyuns. Tangires, who wurks n' t'citee, visits sevrul times a year. “It gits tourists frum Washington into a real nayburhood.” easternmarket-dc.orgPike Place Market, SeettleOne o't' kuntry’s mos popular markets, Pike Place attracts so minny a visiters it hus outgrown its originull role us a wholesale marketplace. Crowds gath'r ever day ta watch its colerfil feesh venders toss salmon through t'air. But its tees ta Seettle air deep, Tangires sez. “It’s kine o'rootid n' t'citee’s cultchur.” pikeplacemarket.orgRungis Internatyunal Market, ParisWhe Paris clost its market halls n' t'1960s, it movt food wholesaleeun' ta thishere massif' new districk un t'citee’s perifery. One o't' worl’s largest markets, it offers guidt tours feeturyun' pavileeuns devotid ta meets, cheez, produce, flowers an' much mer. “Y'all’ve gut ta git un a bus ta go out thar,” Tangires sez. “It’s a purty impressif' place.” er Share thishere stery:

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