Y'all air solelee responsibull fer yar commints an' by usall TribLif'.com y'all agree ta air
Terms o'Servus.
We moderate commints. Air goal is ta provide substantif' commantree fer a genrull reedership. By screenyun' submissyuns, we provide a space whar reeders a'ken share intelligent an' infermt commantree at enhances t'qualty o'air noose an' informayshun.
Wile mos commints will be postid if'n thay air un-topick an' nairy abusif', moderatyun' decisyuns air subjectif'. We will make 'um us carefullee an' consistantlee us we a'ken. Becawz o't' volume o'reed'r commints, we cannot revu individual moderashun decisyuns wiff reeders.
We value thoughtfil commints represantyun' a range o'vioos at make thar point quicklee an' politelee. We make un effurt ta protect discussyuns frum repeeted commints eethur by t'same reed'r er differnt reeders
We faller t'same stan'ards fer taste us t'dailee newspap'r. A few thangs we won’t tolerate: personal attax, obssenitee, vulgaritee, profanitee (includin expletives an' letters fallerd by dashes), commercial promoshun, impersonatyuns, incoherance, proseleetizyun' an' Hollerin. Don’t include URLs ta Web sites.
We do nairy edit commints. Thay air eethur appervt er deletid. We reserve t'rite ta edit a comment at is quotid er excerptid n' un articull. N' thishere case, we may fix spellin an' punctuashun.
We welcum strong opinyuns an' criticism o'air wurk, but we don’t want commints ta becum boggt down wiff discussyuns o'air policees' an' we will moderate accerdinglee.
We preciate it wen reeders an' folk quotid n' articulls er blawg posts point out errers o'fack er emfasis an' will investigate all assertyuns. But these suggestyuns should be sent
via e-mail. Ta avoid distractyun' uther reeders, we won’t publish commints at suggest a cerrecshun. Insteed, cerrectyuns will be made n' a blawg post er n' un articull.

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