Carla Hamm helps out sum hungry customers durin lunch at t'new Mama C’s bizness at opend up lus week. Laura Fowl'r Paulus / A'loose Press
Hillsbero hus a new opshun fer food fer lunch er dinn'r. Nairy onlee is it homemade, but it is afferdabull an' thar air minny a optyuns.
Hillsbero resident Carla Hamm opend Mama C’s lus week. T' new bizness is locatid un Gran Street across frum Dales n' tween Pan'a Kitchin an' Furst Mennonite Church. Wile thar isn’t a sign out frunt yet, Hamm hopes ta have one out thar direckly. She also hopes ta have a whiteboard er chalkboard out frunt lat'r thishere week.
“I plun ta git sum type o'sign hung up so folk a'ken jes sloe down an' reat t'dailee specials without eve gittin out o'thar car er parkyun'…speshly if'n it is us hot us it hus bee. The thay a'ken knoe if'n thay want ta come inside er nairy,” sed Hamm. “I am also wurkin un a Facebook page wiff air dailee specials.”
Mama C’s is nairy a restrunt.
“I am nairy lisenst us un eatery. I a'ken’t have folk eatin here an' I a'ken’t cat'r. But I a'ken off'r food. I a'ken make food fer y'all ta git here an' take back ta yar trayler er offus. It’s mer o'a take an' bake. Take it back trayler er ta t'offus an' pop it n' t'microwave. I a'ken eve make food fer y'all ta pick up an' take ta yer weddyun' er show'r er innythang else, but I a'ken’t deliv'r it er serve it,” sed Hamm. “I am nairy lisenst fer at.”
Whut Hamm is lisenst fer is a fresh salad bar at customers a'ken fill ta go contuners wiff an' pay fer by t'pound.
“It is $6.99 p'r pound,” Hamm sed. “Y'all git howev'r much y'all want. I weigh it an' the y'all pay.”

Jaycee Hamm helps out n' t'kitchin at hern fambly’s new bizness. Laura Fowl'r Paulus / A'loose Press
N' addishun ta t'salad bar, Hamm offers dailee specials at air made fresh each day. Fer eggzample, un Frydee, she had McBero sliders at mimickt a sartin food chane’s famus burg'r. T' prices will vree but air all close ta whut y'all would git innywhar else n' Marion Countee.
Along wiff t'dailee speshul thar is a frigidairy wiff uther optyuns such us tater salad, bakt beens, casseroles, meetballs an' whutever uther specials air availabull. Thar air also wat'r bottles fer sale thar.
Hamm plans ta have a sody fountane installt thishere week fer fountane dranks. She will have chips us well an' will off'r bof along wiff hern dailee lunch speshul.
Along wiff lunch optyuns, Hamm will have froze meels availabull fer thems who want ta grab un evnin meal. She will rotate out optyuns. T' furst acoupla days o'hern bizness, she had lasagna, enchiladus, chicke an' rice casserole, meetballs an' mer.
“I will jes make stuff an' see whut sells. It will be a slew o'trial an' errer at thishere point,” sed Hamm.
Since Hamm is onlee usall one acoupla-thirds o't' bildin fer t'bizness, she plans ta use t'remunyun' part ta host fer craft venders.
“Wiff Kessl'r’s bein gone, an' I have room so I would luv ta have folk sell thar thangs here. The folk a'ken come n' an' grab lunch an' shop an' grab a gift if'n thay net ta,” sed Hamm.
Fer nawh, t'hours Mama C’s is ope will be 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. Y'all a'ken reech 'um by callin 620-877-4330.


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