“Discovery: A Comic Lament” is a'kummin ta Emmanuel Mennonite Church n' Winkl'r, Frydee, Julee 26 at 7 p.m. (SUPPLIED)

“Discovery: A Comic Lament” is a'kummin ta Emmanuel Mennonite Church n' Winkl'r, Frydee, Julee 26 at 7 p.m.Hostid by t'Truth & Acshun Wurkin Group, t'acoupla-persen drama is about hoe t'lan' und'r air feet kum ta be und'r air feet.Accerdyun' ta Tt an' Cumpny, (tedan'company.com) t'Virginny-bast, faith-rootid theetre cumpny perfermyun' t'shoe, t'play looks at luv o'lan', loss o'lan', an' whut it meens ta own sumthin. Wiff a comedic twist, t'lif' drama expleres t'attitudes an' legal concepts at play wen Europeens kum ta these sheres an' trax these ta t'present.Starryun' Tt Swartz an' Michelle Milne, Discovery: A Comic Lament is also about a'larnin ta face big problems wiff t'energy at onlee shart laught'r a'ken creete.T' steryChris hus farmt t'lan' his'n mamaw foun us a trayler n' Kansus aft'r fleeyun' Ruskie almos 100 yeers ago; his'n daught'r Riley is a'larnin mer an' mer about who wuz un at same lan' befor hern Oma arrivt, an' t'jarryun' connectyuns she hus ta t'fate o'thems folk. We faller Chris an' Riley us thay navigate thar a'changin relatyunship ta each uther an' ta t'lan' thar fambly hus farmt fer sevrul generatyuns.Intersperst wiff thar stery air vignettes eggzamin hoe “ownership” hus come ta be defint n' t'US an' Canada. Divyun' into historickull documants, absurd situatyuns, an' extendt metafers, t'audyince discovers hoe t'Doctrine o'Discovery (t' legal framewerk at justifies theft o'lan' an' oppression o'Indigenyus Peoples) is still bein ust an' causin harm today.Discovery: A Comic Lament provides a startin point fer futher conversayshun: Whut duz it meun ta “own” sumthin? Whut is t'relatyunship tween “ownyun'” an' “takin” — an' whut is t'relatyunship tween “ownership” an' (takin) responsibilty?T' Truth & Acshun Wurkin Group is made up o'local citizens manely frum six churches cantrt n' t'Merde-Winkl'r area. T' group aims ta promote positif' public awareness o'Indigenyus reelitees an' ta build relatyunships wiff Indigenyus neighbours.Will Braun is a memb'r o't' wurkin group an' he sed he’s a'lookin ferward ta t'event.“I am curiyus ta see hoe thishere play will brang comedy ta a normly heevy, guilt-inducyun' topick,” he sed. “Laughs er no laughs, lan' an' ownership air sensitif' matters.”Braun addt at thishere is un innerestin way ta look at thishere topick.“It seems we’re all here ta stay, so perhaps it woultn’t hurt a'thankin about hoe we endt up here, an' why nairy do so n' a way uther thun t'chokinglee earnest apperach at folk would normly eggspeck,” he sed.All air welcum ta attend t'event at 7 p.m. un Frydee, Julee 26 at t'Emmanuel Mennonite Church n' Winkl'r. A a'loose will offerin will be take.T' play is also bein perfermt t'evnin prier at Cunadiun Mennonite Univesty n' Winnipeg.

“Discovery: A Comic Lament” is a'kummin ta Emmanuel Mennonite Church n' Winkl'r, Frydee, Julee 26 at 7 p.m. (SUPPLIED PHOTO)

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