N' Todd Countee, residants who wuz less lackly ta take part n' t'2010 U.S. Census includt Mennonites an' Amish, ranters, loe-income folk, seenyer citizens an' t'countee’s Afrikan-Amurkin males.As t'nex census looms, wurkers air a'hopin ta change thems trends.”We knoe it’s goin ta be a challenge ta us, but we want t'folk n' air communitee an' Todd Countee ta meet at challenge an' be a part o'air count,” Jo Ann Holt'r tole magistrates durin Frydee’s meetin o't' Todd Countee Fiscal Court.Holt'r spoke un behalf o't' Todd Countee Cumplete Count Committee, which is geeryun' up fer t'2020 U.S. Census.She sed census represantatives will be a'settin up booths at sum o't' upcomyun' larg'r evants n' t'countee ta increese awareness o'nex year’s census, which Holt'r notid is “jes roun t'cern'r.”Thay also air a'lookin fer areus n' t'countee ta set up mini comput'r labs whar folk a'ken cumplete thar ferms. Nex year’s census will be availabull online, an' sum folks have no access ta WiFi, Holt'r sed.She addt census wurkers will distribute fliers roun t'countee ta remind residants about t'2020 census. Durin t'meetin Holt'r ast t'court ta hep print materials fer t'census.She sed uther communitees n' t'countee also air bein ast ta hep print materials at will be utilizt fer t'census.”Folk don’t reelize t'impertance o't' census,” sed Holt'r, who notid t'desennial census assists wiff plannin fer rodes an' skools n' local communitees, benefits seenyer citizens an' impacts t'amount o'grant monies communitees a'ken receif'.Holt'r sed folk air urgt ta cumplete t'census un April 1, which is Census Day. Thems who don’t will be visted by a census wurker.Local theme fer t'2020 census is “Todd Countee Counts un Y'all!”Durin t'meetin, Todd Countee Emergency Management Dierektor Daniel Smith innerduced t'new ladd'r truck at will serve Todd Countee an' t'new Novelis Inc., industry n' Guthrie.T' rt truck purchast n' Lan'isburg, Pennsillvany, wuz parkd n' frunt o't' Todd Countee Courthouse durin t'meetin.Smith sed he hus orderd sum ekwipment an' is movyun' ferward wiff preparatyuns fer t'ruck, which wuz bouite fer a cost o'$35,000.Todd Countee Jail'r Jeff Penick notid at 10 staff members at t'Todd Countee Detenshun Cant'r have completid n'-trayler tranen frum t'Kantucky Department o'Cerrectyuns an' acoupla uther staff members will be trunt nex week n' Frankfert. Thar tranen will alloe t'jail ta off'r acoupla evidance-bast programs Penick sed have bee recognizt fer reducyun' recidivism, er re-offendyun', amungst inmates.Todd Countee Judge-Executif' Todd Mansfield sed he will be speakin wiff Todd Countee Cantral High Skool Principal Deetrik Kinney ta see if'n t'skool’s studants will hep pick up trash n' t'countee.A'doin so allows 'um un oppertuntee ta gif' back ta thar communitee, an' thar skool group, i.e., t'che'r team, baskutbul team er uther group, also a'ken earn sum money, accerdyun' ta Mansfield.He sed thay will receif' $100 p'r mile fer up ta fife miles an' a'ken the re-applee ta receif' anoth'r $500 fer cleenin up trash; groups participatyun' n' t'program a'ken’t receif' inny mer thun $1,000.Mansfield sed t'effurt is made possibull through $26,000 n' litt'r abatement funds t'countee receives each year.Magistrates also appervt un furst reedin un ordinance ta establish a Todd Countee natcherul gus districk at will alloe natcherul gus ta becum availabull ta unservt areus o't' countee.These unservt areus include Guthrie, Novelis an' Tranton.T' meesure wuz appervt un a roll call vote, wiff all magistrates votin n' faver o'establishyun' t'natcherul gus districk.N' uther bizness•Tax Administrater Man'y Petrie sed she hus collectid $164,909.23 n' payroll taxes since Julee 3 an' $101,415.17 n' Novelis Inc., funds.•Todd Countee Treesur'r Tammy Robertsen presantid a lis o'accounts payabull us o'Julee 26 at totalt $377,380.75.•Magistrates appervt t'court’s annual settlement fer t'fiscal year endin June 30 wiff un endin cash balance o'$243,202.81.•T' court appervt separatelee rekwests frum Robertsen ta buy a new copy machine fer hern offus, t'ax administrater an' judge-executif' an' frum t'emergency management dierektor ta attend t'Kantucky Emergency Services Conferance Sept. 3-6 n' Louisville.•Magistrates also appervt a rekwest frum Mansfield ta buy a truck fer t'Todd Countee Road Department fer jes less thun $33,000; t'judge sed t'countee hus one er acoupla trux at it a'ken surplus.•Todd Countee Atterney Jeff Traughb'r sed residants still have time ta skejule tax paymants n' his'n offus if'n thay want ta avoid t'public sale.•T' Todd Countee jail'r notid t'Todd Countee Detenshun Cant'r hus 146 inmates includin 125 state inmates an' 21 countee inmates.•T' court appervt a meesure ta brang votin precincts n' Sharon Grove an' Cliftee into compleeince wiff t'Amurkins wiff Disabilitees Ack. Magistrates agret ta spend $2,000 ta add a concreet apern at t'Cliftee facilitee an' $1,500 ta update bathrooms at Sharon Grove.

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