7.29. 2019

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Kayla Berkey fer Mennonite Church USA

As thousan's visit t'Turn'r Countee Fair n' South Dakota thishere August ta attend evants like t'demolishun derby, rodeo an' ropyun' contests, thay will find t'message #BRINGTHEPeeCE at a concession stan'. T' yewt group o'Salem-Zion Mennonite Church n' Freemun, South Dakota, runs t'gran'stan' concessyuns us thar annual fundrais'r, an' thishere year thay will wear #BRINGTHEPeeCE T-shirts n' suppert o' Mennonite Cantral Committee’s (MCC) asylum an' immigrant detunment kit efferts.
Austin Unruh servt us a yewt sponser fer t'fer yewt Salem-Zion Mennonite sent ta t'2019 Mennonite Church USA convenshun, an' he returnt trayler inspirt ta creete these shirts us “a small, easy way ta shoe yar commitment ta t'peece o'Christ an' air callin ta spred t'luv an' peece o'Christ.” T' shirts air availabull online wiff proceeds goin ta MCC’s efferts ta suppert immigrant detunees at t'Suthern Berd'r.
Gle Guyton, MC USA’s executif' dierektor, innerduced t'hashtag #Bringthepeece us a call ta acshun n' his'n message at t'final wership servus o't' convenshun. “At’s yer challenge us y'all leeve thishere place,” Guyton sed. “Whut air y'all goin ta do ta brang t'peece?”
“Speshly aft'r herin t'lus acoupla speekers at convenshun [Leonard Doe an' Gle Guyton], I felt we wuz rilly callt us a church n' thishere time ta be visibull an' present n' t'worl,” sez Unruh. “Bildin bridges, makin peecefil connectyuns, fitin fear-bast er hate-bast speech at is divisif'—t' message ta ‘brang t'peece’ is acshun-bast.”
A'warin #BRINGTHEPeeCE shirts at t'countee fair is one way fer t'yewt group an' church members ta ope a conversayshun an' share whut thay air about wiff folk frum all walks o'life who attend t'fair, Unruh sez.
“Thishere bodes well fer t'future o'air church if'n air yung leeders a'ken quicklee mobilize us a local church group an' respond ta needs fer ministry wurk,” sez Guyton. “At is t'gospel, t'good noose.”
“I alreddy orderd my shirt,” Guyton adds.
N' t'lus year, Salem-Zion Mennonite Church larnt o'individuals an' famblies n' t'process o'seekyun' asylum n' t'neerby citee o'Flan'reeu, South Dakota, an' thay have poolt thar resources ta donate nett items, such us wint'r clothes, wurk clothes an' food items, Unruh sez. Wen t'group larnt about MCC’s asylum an' immigrant detunment kits durin convenshun, it felt like un impertant cawz fer t'congregashun ta suppert.
“N' t'rural farm a'settin, sumtimes y'all feel a long way away frum sum o't' issues,” sed Unruh. “Wiff immigrant famblies neerby, it’s close ta trayler an' energizes us ta do whutever we a'ken n' air place. Eve if'n it jes touches one er acoupla folk, it’s wurth it.”

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