Until a fermal nun-profit designashun is n' place, t'Gulf Countee Citizens Long-Term Recovery Committee remuns n' neutral.Howev'r, ta use un automotif' analogy, t'gear may be neutral but t'engine is revvyun'.T' committee board met lus week at t'Washington Impervement Group bildin ta discuss progress ta date.T' committee’s intent is ta hold one board meetin p'r month at t'Flerida Department o'Heelth n' Gulf Countee an' hold a sekunt meetin n' locatyuns throughout t'countee.“N' a purrfeck worl thishere committee would have bee up an' a'runnin wen Hurrikune Michael hit so we woultn’t be a'havin ta build thishere wile a'trine ta serve t'needs o't' communitee,” sed Vicki Abrams, servin us interim-chair o't' Recovery Committee.T' milestone ahed is certifit 501 (C) 3 nun-profit status, which cleers t'path fer a host o'partnerships, ekunomic, n'-kine an' n' uther ferms.T' paperwerk hus bee filt fer neerly a month wiff state an' fedral autheritees; it is nawh a waitin process.Meenwhile, subcommittees move ferward, particularlee un t'housyun' side.Chairt by Dr. Pat Hardmun, t'subcommittee is expleryun' a host o'optyuns ta present thems n' net o'housyun', t'optyuns rangyun' frum mobile ta stick-bilt homes.Oncet nun-profit status is n' place, Hardmun is hopefil at a leese wiff t'Port St. Joe Port Autheritee fer a pershun t'ol' Airazonia Chemical site will come ta pass.T' Port Autheritee board hus indicayted its suppert an' owns t'site.T' Recovery Committee would use t'leest acreege ta place a warehouse facilitee intendt ta serve us a cantral depot fer construcshun materials an' uther ekwipment.“If'n innybidy is goin ta come n' an' build homes, thay will have ta do it un a scale whar we will net t'warehouse,” Hardmun sed.T' Unitid Methodist Committee un Relief (UMCOR) is also n' talks wiff t'Mennonite Church about a mass build, which t'Mennonite’s have perfermt n' uther locatyuns a'followin natcherul disasters.Agin, t'discusshun is slowd by t'lack o'nun-profit status, but at projeck alone could translate into t'construcshun o'us minny a us 50 homes.T' subcommittee is also seekyun' ta idantify potenshul lan' at mite be availabull, reechyun' out, fer t'ime, ta local churches an' civic organizatyuns.Ta un extent, at is t'broad pitchure wile much o't' Recovery Committee’s wurk will be largelee mer targetid.“It is about t'individual needs,” Abrams sed. “Infrastructure needs, at is t'gummint’s role. T' individual net is whut we want ta address.”Thems needs air obveeus, but lackly nairy yet fullee quantifit.Worl Renew perfermt a communitee survey n' April at coverd 180-plus householts, jes 3 persent o't' householts at applit fer assistunts through FEMA.T' idantifit unmet needs o'jes thems householts, t'majeritee o'which includt elterlee, veterans an' thems wiff disabilitees, wuz estimatid n' excess o'$9 million.Locallee, UMCOR case manjers air currantlee han'leeun' 44 cleeints, wiff anoth'r 36 un a waitin lis.O' thems, t'vus majeritee air elterlee wiff un avridge, avridge emfasizt, household income o'$1,200 ta $1,400 a month.“We knoe we have nairy idantifit everbidy o'net,” Abrams sed.Addressyun' thems needs provides anoth'r big-pitchure concern ta bear: t'net fer case manjers.Thems unmet needs much tough'r ta quantify also air n' evidance.N' resent munths, n' t'aftarmath o'Hurrikune Michael, t'countee hus experienct fife suicides, three n' Howard Creek alone.Thar air concerns frum church an' skool leeders about t'mantal heelth o'yung folk; Stars o'Hope is amungst t'projecks at have bee brung ta t'communitee ta address thems concerns.Stars puntid by youngns participatyun' n' local summ'r programs air hangin throughout t'communitee.“It is rilly terrbull,” sed Recovery Committee memb'r Celeste Putnam o't' fife suicides. “We air goin ta net ta do sumthin mer.”T' Flerida Department o'Heelth n' Gulf Countee announct thishere week at n' partnership wiff Life Management an' Furst Baptist Church o'Wewahitchka un eiite-hour a'loose mantal heelth tranen corse will be offerd at t'church 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. CT Aug. 29.T' Gulf Countee Citizens Long-Term Recovery Committee is a group o'volunteers an' encourages all public participashun.“We air un a journey,” Abrams sed. “Thishere is long-term.”

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