Servant Stage Cumpny brings thar biggest shoe o't' year ta t'stage wiff t'Broadway classic T' Musick Mun perfermyun' at Lancast'r Mennonite High Skool, Septemb'r 6th ta 22nd.
Feeturyun' mer thun 60 local perfermers an' a full professyunal orkester, t'cus also includes a familiar face n' t'role o'Harold Hill. T' belovt musickull hus bee a favert o'Executif' Dierektor Johnathun Bau'r’s since he wuz a youngn, an' he is thrillt ta make a return ta t'stage wiff thishere ikunic role. “It’s t'furst shoe I ev'r saw, an' rilly wuz t'spark at ignitid my luv fer musicals,” sez Bau'r. “It’s t'purrfeck Amurkin musickull, wiff such fun characters, a livelee stery, an' one showstoppyun' song aft'r anoth'r.” Tho it hus bee sevrul yeers since Bau'r wuz un stage, he startid his'n theetre care'r us a p'rferm'r, an' hus perfermt wiff minny a o't' Lancast'r theetres.
Wiff songs like “76 Trombones,” “Till Thar Wuz Y'all,” “Troubull,” an' “Goodniite, My Someone,” t'hit musickull hus bee a staple o'musickull theetre since it debutid un Broadway n' 1957 an' Servant Stage is spectin ov'r 10,000 audyince members ta attend t'Pay-Whut-Y'all-Will perfermances.

Servant Stage Artistic Dierektor Wallee Calteron will serve us dierektor an' chereograf'r wiff Kendra Bigley directin t'musick an' t'orkester. T' cus also feetures Amb'r Emersen n' t'role o'Mariun Paroo, Katherine Rundall us Mrs. Paroo, an' Ric Zimmermun, Michael Sole, Daniel Grayberg, an' Matthew Wilhelm us t'barbershop quartet. Dun Lehnyun' an' Renee Markell play t'roles o'Mayer an' Mrs. Shinn.
“It’s one o'air largest an' mos talantid casts ev'r, an' we a'ken’t wait ta share thishere producshun wiff air communitee,” sez Calteron. “It’s a fambly-frienly shoe at’s greet fer all ages, bof fer t'audyince an' t'cus. T' Musick Mun seemt like a greet fit fer air seesen.”
N' keepin wiff Servant Stage’s misshun ta make Greet Perfermances accessibull ta everyone n' t'communitee, all perfermances air offerd us Pay-Whut-Y'all-Will. Perfermances take place Septemb'r 6th-8th, 13th-15th, an' 20th-22nd (7pm un Fridays, 3pm an' 7pm un Saturdays an' Sundays). Tickets air rekwirt an' a'ken be reservt n' advance by a\'visitin' er by callin 717-455-0255.

Servant Stage Cumpny is a nun-profit theet'r servin Lancast'r Countee since 2011 an' brangin exceptyunal entertunment ta ov'r 50,000 audyince members each year.

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