Speshul ta T' Noose

Aug 2, 2019 at 9:26 AM

Lus year’s gatheryun' o'mer thun 600 sets t'bar fer t'2nd annual Celebrashun o'Faith an' Fambly skeduled fer Aug. 11 n' Hutchinsen.T' event goal is ta brang a wide varietee o'Christchun churches togeth'r fer t'celebrashun o'whut unites 'um, focusyun' un t'bigg'r issues o'faith an' life.Thishere year’s event will be hostid at CrossPoint Church, 1410 Eus 30th Ave, wiff food an' friens at 5:30 p.m. an' celebrashun at 6:30 p.m. un Aug. 11. Sevrul food trux will be un site.Wile sevrul voices will be heerd tell, t'primree speek'r fer t'celebrashun is long-time area paster Howard Wagl'r o'Journey Mennonite Church.Lus year, mer thun 600 folk gathert, represantyun' about 20 churches at t'event at t'Hutchinsen Sperts Arena. Thishere year, t'event wuz movt ta a local church ta save un costs an' ease volunte'r organizyun' an' plannin efferts. “We a'ken meet innywhar becawz t'church is wharever t'folk air gathert, but usall a local congregashun’s bildin meens verr lil set up, tear down,” sed Paster Andy Addis o'CrossPoint Church. “And, wiff no costs, t'offerin a'ken go ta a cawz insteed o'a projeck.”Thishere year, un offerin will be take ta suppert a varietee o'local charitees.“We plun ta move t'gatheryun' annuallee ta differnt churches an' ‘share t'luv,’” Addis sed.Paster o'Hope Church Kendall Sheets sed, “We hope ta inspire unitee n' t'Bodee o'Christ rite here n' Hutchinsen an' remind t'communitee o'whut we air fer, an' nairy agin. Ta remind air churches at thar is mer at draws us togeth'r thun keeps us apart.”Event organizers say t'meetin is ope ta all an' thay wuz verr encouragt by lus yeers attendance an' response.

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