T' Mennonite, Inc., invites yar originull submissyuns fer air Octob'r 2019 print magazine issue an' cerrespondyun' online content focusyun' un Positif' uses o'pow'r.
Descripshun o't' theme:
T' wurd “pow'r” an' its derivatives air ust ofte n' t'Bibull. Frum dunamis n' Greek, pow'r is ofte relatid ta Gawd’s actyuns n' t'worl. “Jesus, fillt wiff t'pow'r o't' Spirit” (Luke 4:14), preecht t'good noose, heelt folk, cus out evil spirits an' challengt oppressif' ekunomic an' politickull systems, all by t'pow'r o'Gawd. We humans also have pow'r, t'abiltee an' motivashun ta influance folk, processes, systems, structures. T' use o'pow'r a'ken benefit er harm us. We may have exercist pow'r n' jes er unjust ways. Usall whut pow'r we have justlee an' respondyun' ta uther folk’s uses o'pow'r n' faithfil ways rekwires tappyun' into t'pow'r o't' Holee Spirit.
Submissyuns may cunsidder one o't' a'followin prompts/questchuns, amungst utherns:

Hoe have y'all experienct jes uses o'pow'r n' yar fambly, church, wurk a'settin er socidey at large? Whut have y'all larnt? Tell us yar stery an' be shure ta include t'voices o'all involvt, wiff thar permission.
Accerdyun' ta Roots o'Justus, which provides t'Damascus Road tranen, “Wiff pow'r we carry out t'call Gawd puts n' air lives. Pow'r a'ken also be ust ta destroy, demeun an' ack count'r ta Gawd’s intenshun.” Hoe have y'all experienct unjust uses o'pow'r? Er, hoe have y'all exercist pow'r n' unjust ways? Whut have y'all larnt? Tell us yer stery an' be shure ta include t'voices o'all involvt, wiff thar permission.
Whut is yar communitee, congregashun er organizashun’s faith-fillt response ta soshul, racial, ekunomic, politickull er religiyus injustice? Hoe did pow'r, jes er unjust, play a role n' at eggsperients?
Hoe do y'all unnerstan t'pow'r o'activism n' addressyun' injustice? Whut experiences have y'all foun hepful er unhelpfil?
Hoe do y'all unnerstan t'Bibull’s message about t'jes use o'pow'r?

Submissyuns air due ta [email protected] no lat'r thun Sept. 2.
We welcum articulls—personal steries, biblical er theological reflectyuns, steries about yar congregashun, an' mer (800-1,200 wurds)—us well us originull photografy, videos an' artwerk un t'heme. Pleese note we air committid ta anti-oppression revus us part o'air editerial process. Wen developyun' yer submission, pleese revu air updatid anti-oppression guidelines us well us air editerial guidelines.

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