T' Rotree Club o'Paradise May high skool Studants o't' Month wuz Joshua Griel, o'Conestoga Valley; an' Noah Schnabel, o'Lancast'r Mennonite; an' Clara Neff, o'Pekwea Valley. All three, who will be senyers thishere fall, wuz recognizt us out outstan'yun' studants recommendt by t'skool’s guidance department, principal er facultee un t'basis o'signifikunt achievement, us well us good care ackter an' citizenship.Joshua is involvt n' ice hockey teems, Hempfield/CV/Donegal, Exton Kings an' Exton Bulls. He is also part o't' CV esperts team. He athletic awards include bein namt capn o't' esperts team, bein namt a top-three goalie n' t'Cantral Pennsillvany Interscholastic Hockey Leegue, an' bein a part o'sevrul a'winnin regyunal competityuns.

He is a memb'r o't' high skool Tech Team, volunteers at Conestoga Valley Christchun Communitee Services, serves us CV Bolts baskutbul manjer an' bookkeep'r, serves us a tuter fer t'high skool web design class an' is a memb'r o't' FOCUS Club.Noah is a memb'r o'Nashshunal Honer Socidey, an' hus bee n' sevrul plays an' musicals at Lancast'r Mennonite includin “Seve Keys ta Baltplate,” “Into t'Woods,” “T' Wizard o'Oz” an' “Bye Bye Birdie.” He is a memb'r o'Lancast'r Mennonite ban', chamb'r choir, campus choir, jazz ban' an' Ferest Hills Mennonite Yewt Fellowship. He wuz namt ta bof t'Lancast'r-Lebanon an' Pennsillvany musick educaters associatyuns’ countee an' districk cheruses, respectivelee.Clara is a memb'r o'Nashshunal Honer Socidey. She sings n' t'Pekwea Valley Cherus an' PV Chamb'r Sangers. She also is a memb'r o't' Braves Club, Worl Langwage Honers Socidey an' tribe.Clara is also un honer roll student.

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