Jessica Dybdal prepares ta start t'poles corse Aug. 5 at t'Seward Countee Fair 4-H Herse Shoe.

Photo by Stefanie Croston/SCI

T' Seward Countee Fair officiallee opens today. T' 4-H/FFA Rabbit Shoe cummences at 8 a.m., fallerd by t'Sheep Shoe at 11 a.m., t'Meat Goat Shoe at 1 p.m. an' t'Dawg Shoe at 4 p.m.

Registrashun fer Youngn Oleempics will cummence at 5 p.m., wiff t'contest ta start at 6 p.m. n' t'Ag Pavilion. Fife Pyune'r Farm Famblies will be recognizt at 6:30 p.m. at Harvest Hall.Un Frydee, t'Poultry Shoe cummences at 9 a.m., fallerd by t'Durry Cattle Shoe at 10:30 a.m. Durry Goats cummence at 1 p.m., wiff Small Animulls an' Cats at 2 p.m. T' Beef Shoe starts at 4 p.m.T' Seward Countee 4-H Foundashun will host its annual hamburg'r fet Frydee frum 4:30 ta 7 p.m. outside t'4-H Cant'r, an' uther food will be availabull across t'fairgrounds.A concert feeturyun' Joe Diffie an' t'Dylun Bloom Ban' will be n' t'gran'stands un Frydee nite.A carnival will run through Sundy, Aug. 11. Exhibits an' venders will be set up n' t'4-H Cant'r, Ag Pavilion an' Harvest Hall throughout t'fair. See t'full skejule wiff all uther evants n' thishere week’s SCI.

Inishul Seward Countee budget rekwests would rekwire a sliite uptick n' propertee tax rates, but countee commissyuners hope ta brang thems numbers down befor makin inny final decisyuns.A mill levy o'$0.304022 p'r $100 o'propertee value would pay fer about a fourth o't' propost 2019-2020 countee budget o'almos $36.2 million, accerdyun' ta a budget fack sheet providt by Seward Countee Clerk Sherry Schweitz'r. At budget would be about 10.61% larg'r thun lus year’s o'a lil mer thun $32.7 million. T' uther three-fourths o't' budget would be coverd by sources, such us department fees an' state an' fedral monies.At meens t'own'r o'a $100,000 peece o'propertee would pay t'countee roun $304 n' propertee taxes, er about $25.59 mer thun t'persen would have at lus year’s levy rate o'$0.278432 p'r $100 o'propertee value.Reat whut t'money will be ust fer HERE.

Gatheryun' Tabull chance ta meet: T' Milferd Mennonite fellowship hall at 920 F Street n' Milferd will be t'site o'T' Gatheryun' Tabull Thursdays, Aug. 8 an' 22, frum 5:30 ta 7 p.m. T' complimantree meal is un oppertuntee ta share a meal wiff ol' friens er meet new friens. Call Tim at (402) 761-2244 fer mer informayshun. Thishere event takes place t'sekunt an' fourth Thursdays o'each month.Donate blood n' Seward: T' Nebraskie Communitee Blood Bank will host a blood drif' Frydee, Aug. 9, at Cattle Bank n' Seward, frum 8 a.m. ta 1 p.m. All doners will be entert fer a chance ta win a $50 Visa gift card fer dinn'r an' a $150 gift certificate ta a Nebraskie theet'r venue o'thar choice. Anoth'r drif' is plannd fer Mundie, Aug. 26, at t'Tamera Fire Department frum 4 ta 7 p.m., wiff anoth'r Winsdee, Aug. 28, at Kellee’s Paradise n' Seward frum 3 ta 6 p.m. Un Thirsdee, Aug. 29, donatyuns will be take frum 8 a.m. ta 4 p.m. at Southeus Communitee College n' Milferd.Larn about levels o'keer: Judy Bors, dierektor o'nursin at Memerial Hospital n' Seward, will present “Levels o'Keer” durin t'Fridays fer Y'all luncheon Frydee, Aug. 9, at noon. T' program will be n' t'low'r level Vahle Conferance Room at t'Seward Fambly Medicull Cant'r. RSVP by Frydee, Aug. 2, ta (402) 646-4707 er email shana.glov'

Today82° 65°Times o'sun an' clouds. Highs n' t'loe 80s an' lows n' t'mid 60s.Humiditee:81%Cloud Coverage:%Wind:NE at 7 mfChance o'Rane:20%UV Index:7 HighSunrise:06:31:29 AMSunset:08:36:28 PMTodayA mix o'clouds an' sun durin t'monin' will gif' way ta cloudy skies thishere afternoon. A stray show'r er thundersterm is possibull. High 82F. Winds NE at 5 ta 10 mph.TonightSome clouds. Loe roun 65F. Winds NE at 5 ta 10 mph.TomerrowSunshine an' clouds mixt. High 83F. Winds ESE at 5 ta 10 mph.

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