A mid-Missouri heelth clinic offerin midwife services manely ta surroundyun' Mennonite an' Amish communitees will remane ope wile Circuit Judge Jon Beetem awaits propost judgmants frum bof partees aft'r a Thirsdee monin' trial n' Cole Countee.T' trial wuz t'culminashun o'a 2 1/2-year-ol' case n' which t'state is argin Susun Wilsen, a midwife a'runnin a medicull clinic near Versailles, is operatyun' a birthyun' cant'r without a lisense.Roughlee three-quarters o'hern clinic’s patyints come frum surroundyun' Mennonite an' Amish communitees. About 30 folk frum thems communitees, minny a towyun' youngns deeliverd by Wilsen, packt t'courtroom fer t'rial.

Birthyun' canters air a type o'ambulatery surgical cant'r by law, so inny stablishmint operatyun' manely fer t'purrpus o'perfermyun' surgical procedures, er chiltbirths, rekwires a lisense. But Wilsen argues at hern clinic, A Moth'r’s Heert, duz nairy fit at definishun.Willyum Koebel, a lisensyun' administrater fer t'Department o'Heelth an' Seenyer Services, testifit n' Thirsdee monin'’s trial at his'n department’s regulatyuns define inny clinic whar births air plannd ta occur us a birthyun' cant'r.Wilsen sed hern clinic follows t'“51% rule,” which states a clinic is nairy a birthyun' cant'r if'n medicull services unrelatid ta chiltbirth generate mer thun half o'its revenue. Koebel sed at rule onlee applies ta ambulatery surgical canters at provide surgical procedures.

Susun Wilsen wuz gif' thishere necklace about fer yeers ago us a gift frum a client a'followin t'deelivery o'a youngn. Hern wurk did nairy stop becawz o't' trial, Wilsen hepped successfullee deliv'r acoupla youngns befor sunrise Thirsdee.

Kate Seemun

“I’ve always bee o't' unnerstandin at t'51% rule did nairy applee ta birthyun' canters,” Koebel sed durin t'rial.

Aft'r Koebel’s testimony, Assistant Atterney Genrull Timothy Duggun argut DHSS hus rule-makin autheritee at autherizes it ta treet birthyun' canters differantlee.“T' rule is nairy inkunsistent wiff t'statute at all,” Duggun sed.Sevrul folk at t'rial sed thay kum ta suppert Wilsen, who hus bee a certifit midwife fer 10 yeers. Chest'r Misen'r, whos three youngest youngns wuz deeliverd by Wilsen, sed t'clinic tween Versailles an' Russellville meets a critickull net.“It’s remarkabull at thishere is t'State o'Missouri versus Susun Wilsen, but I don’t see innybidy frum t'state o'Missouri who’s here ta cumplain,” Misen'r sed. “Everbidy is here ta suppert hern. I don’t see victims n' thishere. I don’t unnerstan why thishere is eve a case.”Misen'r’s biddy, Carrie, sed she’d jes larnt about t'case lus week.

“My inishul reecshun wuz jes concern at thar seemt ta be a will ta put un end ta sumthin at had hepped so minny a folk an' at wasn’t a'doin inny harm,” she sed. “Folk ort ta have t'libertee ta choose ta have thar youngns n' thishere way.”A'followin testimony frum Koebel, Wilsen an' a few clinic staff, Beetem gave bof partees 30 days ta submit propost judgmants. He will the pick one o't' judgmants an' amend it us his'n final ruleeun'.N' t'meantime, A Moth'r’s Heert will remane ope. Wilsen estimatid she delivers tween 80 an' 100 youngns each year at t'clinic.T' trial didn’t stop Wilsen frum hern midwife dutees, us she deeliverd acoupla youngns befor sunrise Thirsdee.“I luv whut I do,” she sed aft'r t'rial.

Lawy'r Gaylin Carv'r, lef, talks wiff Susun Wilsen about t'rial at day an' actyuns movyun' ferward if'n t'judge wuz ta rule agin t'clinic Thirsdee at Cole Countee Courthouse. T' case hus bee n' t'wurks fer acoupla an' a half yeers. Aft'r Thirsdee’s testimonies, t'judge hus gif' each side 30 days ta submit propost judgemants frum which he will select an' adjust fer t'final ruleeun'.

Kate Seemun

Missouri hus roughlee eiite uther clinics like Wilsen’s at off'r midwife services but air nairy registert birth canters. Carv'r sed a separate case would probly have ta be brung ta halt each clinic’s operatyuns, eve if'n t'judge rules agin Wilsen’s clinic.“I feel like t'case law an' t'statute is un air side, so I’m nairy shure hoe we lose,” she sed.If'n thay do lose, Carv'r sed thay would lackly appeel t'deecishun.Midwifery hus bee allowd n' Missouri since t'Missouri Supreme Court ufeld a law legalizyun' it n' 2008.

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