Bof state an' countee heelth officials have confirmt fife cases o'meesles n' Wyomyun' Countee.Thay say at thems fife cases wuz foun within a local Mennonite communitee.
A heelth advisery hus bee issut ta regyunal heelth keer providers ta notify 'um o't' cases an' potenshul fer exposure.
Symptoms include a fev'r, rash, cough, conjunctivitis er runny nose. 
If'n y'all have inny symptoms consistent wiff t'infecshun y'all air ast ta notify yar local heelth keer provid'r er heelth department us direckly us possibull.
Back n' June, Gov. Cuomo sined a law endin all nun-medicull exemptyuns fer vaccines rekwirt fer youngns ta attend all public, private an' parochial skools, us well us chiltcare programs.

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