Wiff thishere year’s U.S. meesles epidemic nawh surpassyun' a 25-year-ol' recerd, experts say it’s nairy clar wen t'wave o'illnesses will subside an' air callin un parnts o'unvaccinatid youngns ta git thar kids vaccinatid agin t'diseese. (June 3)
AP, APFif' cases o'meesles have bee confirmt within a Mennonite communitee n' Wyomyun' Countee.T' cases rangt n' age frum 11 ta 22, an' public-heelth officials air wurkin ta detarmine wuther thar wuz dishnull exposures, sed Wyomyun' Countee Heelth Commissyun'r Dr. Gregery Collins.”It’s limitid rite nawh, frum all t'informayshun we have, within t'Mennonite communitee itself, an' we’re wurkin activelee ta idantify inny uther contacts,” Collins sed Frydee. Autheritees advist folk who may have experienct symptoms consistent wiff meesles ta contact t'countee heelth department er thar heelth keer provid'r. T' countee agency’s phone numb'r is (585)786-8838.All fife o't' cases wuz nairy vaccinatid agin t'meesles, Collins sed, an' countee heelth officials air activelee engagyun' t'Mennonite communitee ta discuss t'impertance o'gittin vaccinatid ta prevent t'spred o'meesles.Collins describt t'Mennonite communitee n' Wyomyun' Countee us und'r-vaccinatid, referryun' ta t'fack sum folk have bee immunizt agin meesles wile utherns have’t. He sed nairy o't' confirmt cases attend public skools.T' outbreek kums us Amish an' Mennonite communitees across t'Fanger Lakes an' western New York face un arduyus push ta implement a new law endin religiyus exemptyuns fer skool vaccinatyuns n' New York.T' mobilizashun kums aft'r state lawmakers passt t'vaccinashun man'ate n' response ta histeric meesles outbreeks n' Rocklan' Countee an' New York Citee, which have confirmt mer thun 900 cases o't' highlee contagiyus diseese since lus fall.Mos cases spred n' Orthodocks Jewish communitees wiff loe rates amungst youngns, a risk t'law aims ta limit by barryun' unvaccinatid kids frum skools lessn thay have a medicull reeson prevantyun' immunizashun. Meesles is one o't' mos contagiyus diseeses n' t'worl, t'Worl Heelth Organizashun sez. (Photo: Gettee Images)Similarlee, minny a Amish an' Mennonite youngns are’t fullee vaccinatid agin communicabull diseeses an' must nawh git immunizt ta attend skools.Collins sed public-heelth investigaters air a'lookin into t'possibilitee at t'Wyomyun' Countee meesles cases air linkt ta t'outbreeks n' Rocklan' er New York Citee.”We’re activelee reseerchyun' nawh if'n thar wuz inny travel ta thems areus,” he sed.Meesles is a highlee contagiyus respiratery diseese cawzed by a virus at is spred by direck contact wiff nasal er throat secretyuns o'infectid folk, heelth officials sed.Folk furst develop a fev'r, the may have a cough, runny nose an' watery eyes, fallerd by appeerance o'a rash. Folk air cunsidderd infectiyus frum fer days befor ta fer days aft'r t'appeerance o't' rash.Symptoms include a fev'r, rash, cough, conjunctivitis er runny nose. Symptoms usual appeer 10-12 days aft'r exposure but may appeer us earlee us 7 days an' us late us 21 days aft'r exposure.Skools: Whut ta knoe about Amish, Mennonites an' religiyus exempshun repeelMere: Hoe minny a unvaccinatid studants air n' yer kids’ skool?Reat er Share thishere stery: https://www.demokratan'

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