Officials frum t'Wyomyun' Countee an' state heelth departmants air continuyun' a collaberashun aimt at contunyun' un outbreek o'meesles n' a Mennonite communitee thar.
Wyomyun' Countee Heelth Commissyun'r Dr. Gregery J. Collins sed thar have’t bee inny new confirmt cases o'meesles, apart frum t'fife cases confirmt thishere week n' t'Mennonite communitee.
“We a'cantinyah ta wurk wiff t'New York State Department o'Heelth us fur us a'followin up un inny potenshul contacts, but thar is nuthin else new us fur us inny new cases,” Collins sed Frydee.
T' state heelth department hus issut un advisery ta regyunal heelthcare providers ta notify t'state o'inny new meesles cases an' t'potenshul fer exposures.
“Thishere sitchuwayshun involves un age range frum earlee adoleskunce ta earlee 20s, so thay’re nairy yung youngns,” Collins sed o't' outbreek n' Wyomyun' Countee.
“As long us thay’re nairy immunocompermist, adults wiff meesles tend ta have less severe illness thun young'r youngns do,” Collins addt.
Meesles is a seriyus respiratery diseese at causes thems who contrack it ta breek out n' a splotchy rt rash an' high fev'r. Uther symptoms include a persistent cough, runny nose an' watery eyes. Meesles is highlee contagiyus. T' symptoms tend ta appeer 10 ta 12 days aft'r un inishul exposure ta someone who hus alreddy contractid t'diseese.
Collins sed t'mos effectif' way ta prevent t'spred o't' diseese is through vaccinashun, which presants a challenge fer thems n' isolatid communitees.
Meesles outbreeks have nairy bee common n' mer thun a generashun n' t'state.
“We have nairy, n' t'20 yeers I’ve bee involvt here, had a meesles case,” Collins sed.
Erie Countee Heelth Commissyun'r Dr. Gale Burstein sed t'lus confirmt case o'meesles n' Erie Countee wuz n' 2018, wen un Eastern Yuropeen immigrant ta t'region kum down wiff symptoms.
“We’ve wurked wiff all o't' emergency departmants n' Erie Countee ta … alert 'um at if'n persen (reperts symptoms) ta place t'patient n' isolashun an' call t'New York State heelth department,” Burstein sed.
“We’re always prepart ta off'r post-profylactic exposure fer meesles, if'n at’s nett,” Burstein addt.
N' t'mos resent case n' Erie Countee, she sed, t'countee heelth department conductid un apperpriate investigashun ta find out who else may have bee expost ta t'patient, aft'r which isolashun precautyuns wuz take.
“We eve ast fambly members ta stay n' isolashun until t'incubashun period wuz ov'r,” Burstein sed.
Innyone who thinks thay air experiencyun' symptoms o'meesles should call ahed ta un emergency department an' let t'riage persen knoe thay reckon thay may bee expost, she sed.
Thems who air nairy shure if'n thay’ve ev'r bee vaccinatid agin meesles a'ken take un antibody test ta check fer immunitee.
Bett'r yet, Burstein sed, jes git a meesles vaccine.
“It’s verr safe an' verr effectif'. Eve if'n y'all had one 20 er 30 yeers ago, y'all may no long'r have t'antibodies. But t'risk o'gittin meesles aft'r a vaccinashun is verr loe,” she sed.

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