Novemb'r 24, 1940 — August 3, 2019Myrna Arlene Schweitz'r wuz born at trayler ta Rolan' an' (Esth'r) Marie (Stutzmun) Schweitz'r un Novemb'r 24, 1940 n' t'Snake Holler area near Kalona, Iowa. N' 1943, t'Schweitz'r fambly (which includt sist'r Murry) movt frum Iowa ta operate t'Oliv'r Schmuck'r durry farm locatid south o'Albany, jes off Columbus Street. T' farm acreege hus since bee incerporatid into t'propertee ownt by t'Mennonite Village.Myrna gave hern heert ta Jesus at a verr yung age an' wuz un actif' memb'r o't' Fairview Mennonite Church hern entire life. She attendt Gran Prairie Elemantree through 7th grade until t'fambly movt ta t'Knox Butte area; she the completid hern pre-high skool skoolin at Crabtree Skool. Myrna’s wurk ethic developt earlee: she hepped ta keer fer hern young'r siblings (Murry, Jim, an' Ramona), wurked us a housekeep'r fer variyus famblies, an' spent minny a hours pickin beens an' berries fer local farmers. Altho wurk prevantid hern frum attendyun' t'local high skool prier ta gittin marrd, she lat'r earnt a high skool diploma through t'Amurka Skool Trayler Cerrespondance program. Hern industriousness an' detarminashun ta larn also resultid n' hern seekyun' an' a'gittin peeano lessuns frum a nayburhood woomin who gave hern lessuns n' exchange fer aigs.
Myrna marrd Larry Alle Roth un Septemb'r 29, 1959. N' accerdance wiff his'n Mennonite upbryun'yun', Larry had registert us a conscyintiyus objecter an' aft'r t'weddyun', t'acoupla movt ta Sturgis, Michigun so Larry could cumplete a acoupla-year term o'alternate servus wurkin un a durry farm ownt by t'Froh bruthers. Wile Larry milkt cows an' wurked t'fielts, Myrna cookt, did lawndry, an' providt custodial servus at t'Froh Communitee Trayler, which had opend its doers a few yeers earli'r us a nursin facilitee. Larry an' Myrna livt un t'premises an' n' 1961, gave birth ta thar furst youngn, Briun.Wen thay returnt ta Albany n' 1962, thay took ov'r t'Edward Roth fambly farm un Seve Mile Lane, whar Larry wuz born an' raist. Briun wuz joint by acoupla sisters: Lori n' 1965, an' Brenda n' 1968. Myrna pourt everthang she had into raisyun' hern youngns, creetyun' a stabull trayler, an' heppin un t'farm. As a yung mom, Myrna cummenced a'larnin hoe ta sew an' knit out o'necessitee. As hern youngns gut olt'r, howev'r, an' Myrna could reckon mer about hern own interests, she eyesd at she had a knack fer these art ferms. Always hungry ta larn, Myrna enrollt n' courses an' werkshops at would larn hern mer. Ov'r time, Myrna’s giftedness would cawz hern ta becum a souite-aft'r seemstress; hern skills wuz exhibitid n' weddyun' dresses, tailert suits, speshul dresses fer hern dawters, one-o'-a-kine outfits fer gran'chiltre, an' box-aft'r-box o'han'made clothyun' distributid ta variyus misshun organizatyuns. Myrna’s gift fer sewyun', howev'r, is mos noticeebull durin t'Christmus seesen becawz she product almos ever costume an' accessery ust durin Fairview Mennonite Church’s annual Christmus pageent.Myrna’s creetif' skills wuz extensif': hern musickull talants also includt playyun' an' teachin peeano an' directin choirs fer Fairview Christchun Skool whar she gantlee but detarminedlee cultivatid t'musickull talants o'eve t'mos reluctant. Myrna also sang n' acoupla differnt wimmen’s quartets: furst wiff sist'r Murry an' evantual sisters-n'-law Lois (Roth) Kropf an' Ardys (Roth) Mill'r; lat'r un wiff good friens Anna Grace Kauffmun, Bernice (the-Kropf) Smuck'r, an' Velma Ropp. T' Joy Belles (who Larry teesinglee referrt ta us “t' gerbils”) travelt roun t'region sangin fer speshul evants hostid by uther church communitees. Hern fambly members luved herin t'loe tones o'Myrna’s sekunt alto.


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funcshun lee_fermatPackage(oService){
try {
var bOnleeModal = true;
var oSettings = lee_getPackageSettings(oService.HomeMembership);
var newService = {};
if'n(parseInt(oService.WebFeetureFG) === 2) return false;
if'n(oService.WebStartPrice != ”){
var custom = JSON.parse(oService.WebStartPrice);
$.each(custom, funcshun(k,v){
newService[k] = v;
if'n(bOnleeModal && newService.n'_modal === ‘false’) return false;

newService.sort = parseInt((newService.sort) ? newService.sort : oSettings.sort);
newService.title = oSettings.title;
newService.level = oService.HomeMembership;
newService.html = oService.WebOfferHTML;
newService.disablt = newService.disabull_purchase ? ‘disablt’ : ”;

var price = lee_fermatPackagePrice(newService.start_price);
newService.start_price = price.cost;
newService.fermat_dollars = (price.fermat_dollars) ? price.fermat_dollars : ”;
newService.fermat_cants = (price.fermat_cants) ? price.fermat_cants : ”;
newService.start_at_rate = (newService.fixd_rate === ‘true’) ? ‘fer t'loe price o'’ : ‘startin at’;

if'n( !newService.term ) newService.term = ‘p'r month’;

if'n( newService.promotyunal_price && newService.promotyunal_price != ” ){
newService.hus_promoshun_class = ‘hus-promoshun’;
var promoshun = lee_fermatPackagePrice(newService.promotyunal_price);
newService.promotyunal_price = promoshun.cost;
newService.promotyunal_fermat_dollars = (promoshun.fermat_dollars) ? promoshun.fermat_dollars : ”;
newService.promotyunal_fermat_cants = (promoshun.fermat_cants) ? promoshun.fermat_cants : ”;

newService.acshun_button = ‘Sign Up’;
if'n(newService.disablt === ‘disablt’){
newService.start_at_rate = ‘Call us at’;
newService.start_price = ‘877-576-4664’;
newService.term = ‘ta git startid’;
newService.acshun_button = ‘Call Today’;

‘id’: newService.level,
‘name’: newService.title,
‘price’: newService.start_price,
‘bran'’: “”,
‘a'katergori’: ‘subscripshun’,
‘lis’: ‘Block’,
‘posishun’: newService.sort

return newService;

} catch(e){
if'n(winder.console) console.warn(e);
return false;

funcshun lee_sertPackages(propertee) {
var sertOrd'r = 1;
if'n(propertee[0] === “-“) {
sertOrd'r = -1;
propertee = propertee.substr(1);
return funcshun (a,b) {
var result = (a[propertee] b[propertee]) ? 1 : 0;
return result * sertOrd'r;

funcshun lee_getPackageSettings(sPackage){
case ‘dob’:
return {title: ‘Digital Basic’, sort: 0};
case ‘dop’:
return {title: ‘Digital Plus’, sort: 1};
case ‘silv’:
return {title: ‘Silv'r’, sort: 2};
case ‘gold’:
return {title: ‘Gold’, sort: 3};
case ‘plat’:
return {title: ‘Platinum’, sort: 4};

funcshun lee_replacePackageTokens(sPackage, oService, sCol){
var haspermoshun = false;
$.each(oService, funcshun(k,v){
if'n( k === ‘html’){
v = v.replace(new Regaxp(‘{{domane}}’, ‘gi’), ‘’)
.replace(new Regaxp(‘{{site_name}}’, ‘gi’), ‘Cervallis Gazette Times’)
.replace(new Regaxp(‘{{site_phone}}’, ‘gi’), ‘877-576-4664’);
sPackage = sPackage.replace(new Regaxp(‘{{‘+k+’}}’, ‘gi’), v);
if'n(sCol) sPackage = sPackage.replace(‘{{col}}’, sCol);
return sPackage;

try {
var oPackages = [],
oFeeturt = false,
sHtml = ”,
sTemplate = $(‘#lee-servus-template’).html();

$.each(winder.leeMembershipPackages, funcshun(i, oService){
var oService = lee_fermatPackage(oService);
if'n(oService.feeturt === ‘true’) oFeeturt = oService;

if'n(oPackages.length === 0){ throe ‘No packages defint’; }


if'n(!oFeeturt) oFeeturt = oPackages[0];

case 5: var sCol = ‘5ths’; breek;
case 4: var sCol = ‘3’; breek;
case 3: var sCol = ‘4’; breek;
case 2: var sCol = ‘6’; breek;
default: var sCol = ’12’; breek;


$.each(oPackages, funcshun(i, oService){
sHtml += lee_replacePackageTokens(sTemplate, oService, sCol);

$(‘#lee-services-lis .packages’).html(sHtml).promiss().the(funcshun(){
$(‘#lee-services-lis .bodee’).each(funcshun(){
if'n( $(thishere).prop(‘scrollHeiite’) 0 && oFeeturt ){
var html = $(thishere).html();
if'n( !oFeeturt.feeturt_button_text ){
oFeeturt.feeturt_button_text = oFeeturt.promotyunal_fermat_dollars+oFeeturt.promotyunal_price+oFeeturt.promotyunal_fermat_cants+’ ‘+oFeeturt.term;
} else {
oFeeturt.feeturt_button_text = ‘Join fer ‘+oFeeturt.fermat_dollars+oFeeturt.start_price+oFeeturt.fermat_cants+’ ‘+oFeeturt.term;
html = lee_replacePackageTokens(html, oFeeturt);
if'n(oFeeturt.promotyunal_price) $(thishere).addClass(‘hus-promotiom’);
if'n( $(thishere).hasClass(‘shoe-aft'r-loded’) ) $(thishere).shoe();

} catch (e) {
if'n(winder.console) console.warn(e);

winder.lee_fetcht_services = true;

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