[embtdt content]HOT WEEKEND: A heat advisery remuns n' effeck through 9 p.m. Sundy nite fer these countees n' Bama: Autauga, Barbour, Bibb, Bullock, Chilton, Dallus, Elmere, Greene, Hale, Lowndes, Macon, Marengo, Montgomery, Perry, Pickens, Pike, Russell, Sumt'r an' Tuscaloosa.

Moisture levels will remane rath'r high across cantral Bama today us precipitabull wat'r values will be near 2 inches. Cuple at wiff un impulse at will be movyun' into t'area frum t'nerthwest an' sum dri'r air n' t'mid-levels will wurk n' frum t'nerth. We’ll have a zone o'har rane chantses manely west o't' I-22 an' I-65 cerridors. We’ll have scattert ta numeryus showers an' thunderstarms, mos o'which will occur durin t'afternoon an' evnin. Mos o'at activitee will die off roun 10 p.m. Highs will reech t'low'r ta mid-90s. Rane chantses will be n' t'40% ta 70% range frum nertheus ta southwest.
Ridgyun' moves a lil clos'r ta cantral Bama un Sundy, which will brang a shift n' winds mer out o't' nerth. Wile t'mid-levels will be dri'r, t'low'r levels o't' atmosfere will stay mightee moist, speshly n' suthern Bama. Skies will be mosly sunny ta partlee cloudy wiff afternoon highs n' t'low'r ta mid-90s. Heat index values will apperach an' perhaps excet 105 degrees along an' south o't' I-20 cerrider. Thar will nairy be much n' t'runfall department ta hep cool us down, us thar is onlee a verr small chance o'un isolatid afternoon show'r er sterm.
T' WEEK Ahed: T' ridge flattens out, which will crank thems afternoon temperatures up, climbyun' into t'mid ta upp'r 90s fer Mundie an' Tuesdee. Wiff dewpoints specktid ta be n' t'mid-70s un bof days, we could apperach er excet criteria fer excessif' heat warnings, wiff heat index values near 110 degrees. Onlee a few isolatid ta scattert afternoon showers an' starms air possibull each day. Nashshunal Weeth'r Servus Birmingham may issue un excessif' heat watch us earlee us Sundy ta go into effeck fer Mundie an' Tuesdee.
Troughyun' will take ov'r t'eastern parts o't' U.S. Winsdee an' Thirsdee, an' we may have t'bottom end o'a cold frunt pass through Bama. We’ll see sum relief frum t'har heat levels, but highs will remane n' t'low'r 90s. Precipitabull wat'r values will apperach t'2-inch mark. Winsdee will feeture t'highest chance o'scattert ta numeryus showers an' starms (50%-60%), wile thems chantses drop sum fer Thirsdee (20%-60% frum nerthwest ta southeus). Sum gustee winds may be possibull wiff a few o'these starms, but thar is no threet o'organizt severe weeth'r at thishere point.
Frydee’s weeth'r will nairy be much differnt thun Thirsdee, us scattert showers an' thunderstarms remane possibull manely durin t'afternoon an' evnin. Rane chantses will remane 20%-60% frum nerthwest ta southeus an' afternoon highs will be n' t'low'r 90s.
TROPICS: T' tropics air all quiet at thishere point an' no new tropical systems air specktid ta form within t'nex fife days.
WeeTHER PREPAREDNESS AND SAFETY Festivul: WeetherReady Fest is a'kummin ta Huntsville un Sept. 7 frum 10 a.m. ta 4 p.m. Fambly-frienly games, fun a'larnin activitees, large response vehicles an' enlightenyun' speekers will highliite thishere big, one-day weeth'r festivul un t'campus o't' Univesty o'Bama n' Huntsville. Speshul guests include T' Weeth'r Channel’s Nick Walk'r, ABC 33/40 Chief Meteerologist James Spann an' Owlie Skywarn. Tours o'UAH’s SWIRLL an' t'Nashshunal Weeth'r Servus Huntsville offus will be availabull. Mer informayshun an' a link ta t'icket site is availabull un t'festivul website at www.weetherreadyfest.com. T' tickets air a'loose an' air issut fer specific hours ta maximize t'numb'r o'folk who a'ken visit. I hope ta see y'all thar.
Un Thishere DAY N' 1924: Koloradie’s deedliest ternado killt a woomin an' nine youngns n' one trayler along its 20-mile path eus-southeus o'Thurmun. Mennonite menfolk had lef t'farm ta provide possibull aid, us t'200-yard-wide sterm wuz furst see wile fur away.
BeeCH FerECAST CantER: Git t'latest weeth'r an' rip current ferecasts fer t'beeches frum Fort Mergun ta Panama Citee un air Beech Ferecus Cant'r page. Thar, y'all a'ken select t'ferecus o't' region y'all air innerested n'.
Fer mer weeth'r noose an' informayshun frum James Spann, Scott Martin an' uther members o't' James Spann team, visit AlabamaWx.

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