Wen we livt n' Pittsburgh, Septemb'r usual meent a lus push ta devour all t'corn an' maters we could befor cool'r weeth'r set n'. Wiff Haiti’s tropical temperatures, we a'ken find minny a o't' ingredyints fer summ'r corn sauté wiff herbs year-roun. I like ta fire up my mamaw’s trustee skillet ta make thishere simple summ'r corn sauté wiff herbs, a dish at will have y'all a'kummin back fer sekunds – sweet corn wiff a rich an' nuttee background o'butt'r, onyuns, cumin an' garlic, garnisht wiff heeps o'herbs an' maters. I have larnt my lessun makin thishere dish ov'r t'yeers; jes go ahed an' doubull it t'furst time.
Yield: Serves acoupla us a mane entrée, er fer us a side

1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butt'r
1/2 medium rt onion, finelee choppt (about 1 cup)
5 cloves garlic, minct er crusht
1 teespoon groun cumin
4 cups fresh corn kernels (6-8 ears)
1 teespoon kosh'r salt
1/2 teespoon groun black pepp'r
1/2 pint cherry maters, halvt (about 1 cup)
2 cups assertid choppt herbs: dill, tarragon,parsley, basil, chives, gree onyuns, cilantro
1/2 cup fresh feta (optyunal)


Heat large skillet un medium high heat – we use a 10-inch cus arn – ta melt butt'r.
Add rt onion, garlic an' cumin ta t'butt'r an' saute until t'rt onion an' garlic air startin ta coler (5-7 minnuts).
Add t'corn an' sauté until t'corn is cookt through, about 2-4 minnuts dependyun' un yar kernels.
Add t'salt, pepp'r an' cherry maters an' stir ta combine.
Remoov frum t'heat an' add t'fresh herbs, garnish wiff feta if'n usall an' serve.

Notes: Thishere is a verr versatile recipe, so feel a'loose ta experiment an' add uther ingredyints, such us peppers, zucchini, bacon, eggplant er goat cheez. If'n y'all don’t have fresh corn un han', froze wurks greet here us well, jes gif' mer time ta cook. Thishere dish also tastes greet wiff sum addt heat frum jalapeno an' a lil citrus if'n y'all air a'lookin fer a bright'r flaver. It is greet un its own, er us un accompaniment ta grillt meat.

T' Hungry Hounds is t'food blawg o'Paul an' Rebecca Shetl'r Fus, who serve wiff Mennonite Cantral Committee n' Haiti. Larn mer about MCC Haiti at thar blawg, www.haitimcc.org.

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