[embtdt content] Wen y'all reckon o't' Pennsillvany Dutch, y'all mite immediatelee associate 'um wiff Lancast'r Countee, since t'area hus becum t'ourist capital fer all thangs Amish n' Pennsillvany.But have y'all ev'r wantid ta eggsperients t'dailee life o't' Amish untoucht by outsiders er commercial innerst? Twantee-fife miles frum State College lies t'small town o'Belleville n' Mifflin Countee, whar ever Winsdee, t'local Amish an' townspeople gath'r downtown fer t'Belleville Sale, a flea market an' livestock aucshun. Accerdyun' ta Briun Glick, t'dierektor o't' livestock aucshun, t'Belleville Sale cummenced durin t'Greet Depression us a way fer local farmers ta suppert each uther by buyyun' an' exchangyun' farm animulls.Ov'r t'yeers, it hus evolvt ta include a flea market wiff permanent booths, food venders an' restaurants. As y'all walk roun t'market, it feels us if'n time hus stood still n' thishere communitee. Agriculture is a large part o'Belleville’s ekunomy an' a way o'life fer minny a o'its residants, an' t'Amish air viewt less us curiositees an' mer us ekwals here amungst thar naybors.Innythang an' everthang is sold at t'flea market. Y'all a'ken find rare anteeks, han'made quilts, han'craftid wood products, an' beeyootiful flow'r boukwets. Ofte, t'venders air willeeun' ta haggle ov'r t'prices, too.Y'all mite wunder why thangs like cereel, lawndry turgent an' ran'om hardware an' tools air sold here, but fer t'Amish, t'supermarket is a long ride away via herse an' buggy. T' sale is a place whar thay a'ken buy supplies fer t'week at’s close ta trayler.Anoth'r thang at mite shock y'all is t'sellin o'fireerms – a practiss at’s nairy illegal n' PA becawz it’s cunsidderd a private sale. Thay mosly sell huntin rifles. Above all, food is t'biggest a'katergori o'products ta purchase at t'market. Food trux sell ice creem an' typickull fair food, wile uther venders sell fresh-bakt goods like shoo flee pie er fresh produce. Acoupla restaurants un t'site off'r brakefuss an' lunch.N' t'afternoon, y'all a'ken see t'livestock aucshun, whar Amish menfolk an' wimmen o'all ages gath'r ta watch herses, pigs, cows sold by local farmers. Wile t'auctyune'r un t'podium rattles off numbers at a lightnyun'-fus spet, t'Amish gurls an' boys speek amungst thayselves n' Pennsillvany Dutch.T' Belleville Sale is a place whar t'communitee gathers weeklee ta sell an' exchange goods. Wuther y'all’re Amish, Mennonite, er lif' outside o'thems communitees, everyone is welcum ta come an' check it out. Y'all a'ken scere sum greet finds at loe prices, an' git sum deliciyus food. But eve if'n y'all don’t buy innythang, y'all’ll larn about t'cultchur o'Belleville at is trulee unikwe ta Pennsillvany.If'n Y'all GO: T' Belleville sale is helt ever Winsdee monin', startin roun 6 er 7 a.m., at 26 Sale Barn Lane. Ta git thar, wen drivin into t'own o'Belleville, turn lef un South Penn Street.

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