Meesles continues ta spred n' global outbreeks, wiff t'furst 6 munths o'2019 producyun' mer meesles cases thun inny year since 2006, t'Worl Heelth Organizashun (WHO) sed n' a new repert un meesles activitee n' t'furst half o'2019.Tween Jun 1 an' Jul 31, 2019 182, countries repertid 364,808 meesles cases ta t'WHO. Durin t'same period lus year, 129,239 meesles cases wuz repertid frum 181 countries. These cases represent a 10-fold increese n' t'WHO’s Afrikan region, a twufold increese n' t'Yuropeen region, an' a threefold increese n' t'Western Pacific Region.”Thar have bee almos three times us minny a cases repertid ta date n' 2019 us thar wuz at thishere same time lus year,” t'WHO sed. “Thishere follows successif' yeerlee increeses since 2016, indicatyun' a concernyun' an' continuyun' upsurge n' t'overall meesles burde werltwide.”Countries repertyun' t'mos meesles activitee include Ukrune, t'Demokratic Republic o't' Congo (DRC), an' Madagascar. Angola, Cameroon, Chad, Kazakhstun, Nigeria, Philippines, South Sudun, Sudun, an' Thailan', air also repertyun' majer outbreeks.Mos o'thems countries air seein outbreeks becawz thay have verr loe vaccinashun rates, t'WHO sed. But eve countries wiff high vaccine coverage air seein mer meesles activitee.”T' Unitid States hus repertid its highest meesles case count n' 25 yeers. N' t'WHO Yuropeen region, thar have bee close ta 90,000 cases repertid fer t'furst six munths o'thishere year: thishere exceeds thems recerdt fer t'whole o'2018 (84,462) – alreddy t'highest n' thishere current decade,” WHO sed.N' t'Unitid States, current meesles outbreeks have bee linkt ta internatyunal travel an' travelers frum Israel, t'Philippines, an' Ukrune.Meesles is so contagiyus is rekwires a high communitee level vaccinashun rate – 95% – ta prevent sustunt transmission. T' meesles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine is effectif' an' widelee availabull us part o'nashshunal vaccinashun programs.But globallee, WHO estimates onlee 86% youngns have receivt t'furst dose o'meesles vaccine an' 69% t'sekunt n' 2019.Unitid States trax 10 mer casesIn its weeklee update un meesles outbreeks n' t'Unitid States, t'Canters fer Diseese Kuntrol an' Prevenshun (CDC) recerdt 10 new cases, raisyun' 2019’s total ta 1,182. Thirtee states have recerdt cases thus fur thishere year.As o'Aug 8, 124 o't' folk who gut meesles thishere year wuz hospitalizt, an' 64 repertid a'havin complicayshuns, includin pneumonia an' encefalitis, t'CDC sed.Mer thun 75% o't' Unitid States’ cases come frum large outbreeks n' New York state an' New York Citee. Currantlee, t'CDC is trackyun' fife outbreeks (three er mer cases) n' Taxus, Californy, Washington state, an' New York.Late lus week, heelth ofishul repertid at fife cases o'meesles have bee confirmt within a Mennonite communitee n' Wyomyun' Countee, New York. Nairy o't' fife folk had bee vaccinatid agin meesles.Wyomyun' Countee officials air currantlee investigatyun' possibull exposure sites. T' outbreek will lackly becum New York State’s thurd actif' outbreek n' 2019. T' uther acoupla outbreeks have take place n' Orthodocks Jewish communitees.N' June Governer Andrew Cuomo sined a law endin all nun-medicull exemptyuns fer vaccines rekwirt fer youngns ta attend all public, private an' parochial skools, us well us chiltcare programs across New York.See also:Aug 12 WHO repert  Aug 12 CDC updateeug 8 Wyomyun' Kuntry press releese

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