Accerdyun' ta La Jernada Maya, a group o'officials who, n' t'lus six-year period, committid differnt abuses n' t'process o'consultashun wiff t'Maya indigenyus peoples un t'use o'transgenic seeds n' t'Yucatun Peninsula, hus bee hirt by t'current administrashun, n' a case o'“administratif' impunitee “which demonstrates t'lack o'capacitee o't' state autheritees ta investigate an' punish bad public servants.
Thishere wuz statid by Carlos Scoffie, lawy'r o't' Collectif' o'Maya Communitees o'Los Chenes, who stresst at, n' addishun ta thishere type o'questyunabull appointmants, bad practices such us illegal plantyun' o'transgenic soybeens, aerial sprayin wiff pesticides an' massif' deferestashun fer rice cultivashun persist n' t'region.
N' un interview wiff La Jernada Maya, t'atterney recallt at n' 2015 t'Supreme Court o'Justus o't' Nashun cancellt t'autherizashun grantid by t'Mexicun gummint n' 2012 ta t'Monsanto cumpny, fer t'plantyun' o'transgenic soybeens, an' orderd a consultashun ta be carrd out wiff t'indigenyus peoples o'Campeche an' Yucatán befor grantyun' a new permit.
Thishere consultashun wuz organizt by t'Int'r-secretarial Commission o'Biosafetee o'Geneticallee Modifit Organisms (Cibiogem), a governmantal agency n' which Marco Antonio Ramírez an' Sol Ortiz wurked, an' these acoupla individuals air pointid out by t'communitees us responsibull fer variyus abuses, acks o'discriminashun agin indigenyus communitees an' disparagyun' t'possibull environmantal damage at transgenics would cawz.
“N' spite o'thishere sitchuwayshun, bof officials wuz appointid n' new public posityuns n' thishere administrashun: Ramírez us legal dierektor o't' Nashshunal Servus o'Agrifood Heelth, Safetee an' Qualty, an' Ortiz us coerdinater o't' preparashun o't' Nashshunal Strategy fer Conservashun an' Use o'Sustunabull Pollinaters, bof o'um us part o't' Ministry o'Agriculture”, Scoffie sed,.
“If'n thishere admnistrashun wonts ta do thangs differantlee, why air thay appointyun' t'same acoupla officials who committid abuses durin t'indigenyus consultashun process. Bof have a greet'r responsibilty nawh, thay have plact obstacles ta prevent t'consultashun ta be carrd out since 2015, an' thay will a'cantinyah ta do so “sed t'lawy'r.
Aft'r condemnyun' thishere ack o'“administratif' impunitee,” Scoffie warnt at n' variyus municipalitees o'Campeche, speshly n' Hopelchén, seriyus abuses a'cantinyah ta occur, such us illegal plantyun' o'transgenic soybeens – n' particlar by Mennonite groups – n' addishun ta illegal deferestashun fer rice cultivashun.
T' Yucatun Times Newsroom wiff informayshun frum La Jernada Maya
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