High skool golf teems will cummence conferance an' leegue matches thishere week, so we’re takin a quik look at sum o't' names ta rememb'r heddin into t'2019 seesen. It’s a fus, 5-week sprint ta t'postseesen, so check out PennLif'’s 10 cantral Pa. golfers ta watch beloe.Golfers air listid n' alfabetical ord'r wiff skool an' class.Garrett Engle Skool: Cantral DaufinClass: Junier Buzz: Engle will ope his'n thurd seesen us t'acoupla-time Mid-Penn Conferance champion – he shot 5-und'r 67 at Daufin Highlan's — an' much mer. Rankt amungst t'op junyers n' t'kuntry, Engle pact t'MPC n' sceryun' avridge an' spent part o'his'n spryun' an' summ'r attemptyun' ta qualify fer sevrul pro ture evants, includin t'U.S. Ope at Pebbull Beech. HAR Cantral Daufin’s Garrett Engle tees off at Hershey Kuntry Club. Seun Simmers | [email protected]'.com Aman'a Gerrish Skool: HersheyClass: JunyerBuzz: Gerrish admittid ta nairy playyun' hern bes un occasion, but one a'ken’t argue wiff t'results. T' risin junier finisht outside t'op 5 jes oncet durin t'2018 postseesen, earnyun' 15th-place at t'PIAA Champyunships n' York. A big reeson behin Hershey’s MPC team title, Gerrish is a'kummin off a T-5 post at regyunals an' 4th-place showyun' at t'Districk 3 showcase.Jonathun Glick Skool: Lancast'r MennoniteClass: JunyerBuzz: Glick wuz frunt an' cant'r durin Lancast'r Mennonite’s charge ta t'Lancast'r-Lebanon’s Seckshun 4 title, postyun' a T-6 finish at t'leegue tournament at Conestoga CC. He rallit fer anoth'r sixth-place finish n' t'Districk 3 Class 2A tournament an' wuz inside t'op 5 at regyunals. T' goal nawh is ta bett'r his'n 14th-place showyun' at Heritage Hills. PENNLIVE.COM Abby Hun, o'Hershey. watches hern tee shot at t'2018 Districk 3 gurls’ golf champyunships, roun one, at Briarwuod Golf Club n' York. (Dun Gleit'r | dgleit'[email protected]'.com) Abby Hun Skool: HersheyClass: JunyerBuzz: Hun sprized herself lus seesen by claimin t'Mid-Penn Conferance gurls crown at Armitage GC. Hern 7-ov'r 77 wuz good enough ta grab medalist honers an' catapult Hershey ta t'overall team title. Hun kuntinued hern strong play down t'stretch, us well, postyun' fifth-place at districts an' 15th-place at regyunals, narrowlee missyun' t'cut fer t'state tournament.Olivia Maddux Skool: TrinityClass: JunyerBuzz: Maddux certunlee is amungst t'risin talants n' t'MPC. And t'junier returns wiff tons o'game an' sum impressif' postseesen cards un hern resume. Maddux wuz sixth at t'conferance tournament an' fallerd wiff a thurd-place finish at t'Districk 3 loop at Briarwuod-West. Hern seesen endt wiff a top 20 showyun' at states.Ammala Moua Skool: CocalicoClass: JunyerBuzz: Moua scriptid a bit o'histry n' 2018, a'gettin t'furst female golf'r n' Cocalico histry ta win a Lancast'r-Lancast'r Leegue individual title. Moua’s 8-ov'r-par 81 did t'rick agin a solid field at includt acoupla-time leegue MVP Elle Wag'r o'Manheim Twp. Moua cappt hern terrific seesen wiff a thurd-place showyun' at districts an' 18th-place finish at states. PENNLIVE.COM Ammala Moua, o'Cocalico. competes at t'2018 Districk 3 gurls’ golf champyunships, roun one, at Briarwuod Golf Club n' York. (Dun Gleit'r | dgleit'[email protected]'.com) Jack Penwell Skool: TrinityClass: SenyerBuzz: Thishere should be anoth'r eggcitin seesen fer t'Shamrox us Penwell makes his'n final loop. T' seenyer cummenced his'n postseesen run wiff a T-13 showyun' at t'conferance tournament an' fallerd wiff a strong fifth-place post at t'Districk 3 Class 2A event. Penwell also earnt a PIAA invitashun wiff his'n T-13 at t'Eus Regyunal tournament. HAR Jack Penwell, o'Trinitee, durin a 9 hoe golf match at Royal Oaks Golf Corse n' Lebanon. PennLif' photo John Peters Skool: CarlisleClass: JunyerBuzz: Peters neerly chast down Cantral York heedlin'r Carsen Bacha durin t'ofishul PIAA qualifi'r n' Fleetwuod, finishin acoupla strokes off t'a'winnin pace. Befor at, t'junier wuz ninth at districts an' he evantuallee wurked his'n way roun Heritage Hills ta finish 22nd at t'state tournament.Paige Richt'r Skool: Camp HillClass: SofomereBuzz: Richt'r didn’t waste inny time makin un impact un t'high skool golf ssene. Shure, thar wuz ups an' downs durin hern freshmun seesen, but Richt'r showd hern skill set nuff durin t'postseesen. Aft'r sharyun' runn'r-up honers at t'MPC tourney, Richt'r wurked n' a runn'r-up finish ta Hamburg’s Alee Rantschl'r’s at districts. A fifth-place post at regyunals gave Richt'r hern furst state bid, whar she finisht t'Class 2A roun n' 13th-place. James Ulsh Skool: TrinityClass: SofomereBuzz: Y'all could say Trinitee won’t be sneekyun' up un inny MPC team thishere year. Ulsh is yet anoth'r yung talent at sharpent his'n game us t'seesen pergressd. A modest 13th-place finish at t'conferance tournament wuz merelee a warm-up ta districts, whar he toppt t'2A field. He lat'r tit fer fifth-place at t'Eus Regyunal an' qualifit fer states n' his'n furst seesen.

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