T' New York State Department o'Heelth confirmt 5 cases o'meesles within a local Mennonite communitee, locatid n' Wyomyun' Countee.T' NY state an' countee heelth departmants sed n' un August 8, 2019, press releese, at ‘thay air wurkin ta detarmine wuther thar wuz dishnull meesles virus exposures.’
Addityunallee, t'state Department o'Heelth hus issut a heelth advisery ta regyunal heelthcare providers notifyyun' 'um o't' new meesles cases an' potenshul fer exposure.
Wyomyun' Countee is New York’s #1 agricultural communitee o'about 42,000 residants, locatid n' t'western area.
T' Wyomyun' Countee heelth officials air activelee engagyun' t'Mennonite communitee ta discuss t'impertance o'gittin vaccinatid ta prevent t'spred o'meesles.
Thishere is t'3rd meesles outbreek n' t'state o'New York within a religiyus communitee.
Previouslee, t'NY countees o'Rocklan' an' Brookleen repertid extensif' meesles outbreeks n' Jewish communitees.
Ta stop thar meesles outbreek, Rocklan' Countee NY deeliverd 25,876 meesles vaccinatyuns since Octob'r 2018. 
N' t'USA, frum Januree 1 ta August 8, 2019, thar have bee 1,182 individual cases o'meesles confirmt n' 30 states.
Durin June 2019, a new rekwirement by New York Governer Andrew M. Cuomo endt all nun-medicull exemptyuns fer vaccines rekwirt fer youngns ta attend all public, private an' parochial skools, us well us chiltcare programs.
N' New York State, meesles immunizashun is rekwirt o'youngns enrollt n' skools, daycare, an' pre-kindergarte. Since August 1990, college studants have also bee rekwirt ta demonstrate immunitee agin meesles.

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Meesles is a highlee contagiyus respiratery diseese cawzed by a virus at is spred by direck contact wiff nasal er throat secretyuns o'infectid folk, sez t'Canters fer Diseese Kuntrol an' Prevenshun (CDC).
T' CDC sez t'meesles virus a'ken be prevantid wiff t'MMR-II vaccine. Thishere vaccine protects agin three diseeses: meesles, mumps, an' rubella.
Youngns may also git Prokwad, which protects agin meesles, mumps, rubella, an' varicella. Thishere vaccine is onlee lisenst fer use n' youngns who air 12 munths through 12 yeers o'age.
Folk furst develop a fev'r, the may have a cough, runny nose, an' watery eyes, fallerd by t'appeerance o'a rash. Folk air cunsidderd infectiyus frum fer days befor ta fer days aft'r t'appeerance o't' rash. 
Symptoms usual appeer 10-12 days aft'r exposure but may appeer us earlee us 7 days an' us late us 21 days aft'r exposure.
Individuals air cunsidderd protectid er immune ta meesles if'n thay wuz born befor 1957, have receivt 2-doses o'meesles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine, have had meesles diseese, er have a lab test confirmyun' immunitee. 
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