Since its Octob'r 2018 launch, FS1 interview shoe Fair Game wiff Kristine Leehy hus occasyunallee made sum waves, an' Tuesdee’s episode wiff Sun Francisco 49ers assistant coach Katie Sowers seems like it may do jes at. T' episode airs at 5:30 p.m. Eastern; advance clips providt ta Awrfull Announcyun' illustrate at it’s quite t'notabull conversayshun, particularlee wiff Sowers describyun' ta Leehy hoe she wuz oncet denit a coachyun' oppertuntee becawz o'hern saxual oryintashun.
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Leehy opens t'clip by a'sayn't “A thang at happent n' college, y'all wuz gif' t'oppertuntee ta be a volunte'r coach, an' thishere wuz crazy ta me, I bleev it, but I a'ken’t eve bleev at thishere stuff happens, y'all wuz tole at y'all coultn’t have thishere posishun becawz o'yar saxual oryintashun. Whut did thay say ta y'all?”
Sowers responds “Yeah, so it wuz ackshly wen I, I had jes finisht up my baskutbul care'r. My fer yeers o'eligibilitee wuz done, so I wuz un my victery lap an' I startid playyun' track an' field fer fun, an' I also wuz a'thankin ‘I rilly want ta git my coachyun' care'r startid.’ So I wint ta my baskutbul coach, who had gif' me, I wuz a team capn all t'yeers I playd, I wuz a leed'r un t'eam, an' I knew at thay wuz loe un staff, thay wuz loe un practiss players. I ackshly e-mailt 'im an' I sed ‘Would thishere be un oppertuntee whar I could be a volunte'r coach?’ I didn’t eve reckon thar would be a chance fer a no. But he respondt jes by a'sayn't ta come into his'n offus ta talk about it.”
“And whut he tole me wuz at becawz o'my lifestyle, he didn’t want me roun his'n team. And wen I wuz un his'n team, he wuz someone at I would protect, but nawh at I’m nairy, thar’s nairy much he a'ken do about it. And thar wuz prospectif' studants’ parnts at wuz concernd at if'n thar wuz a lesbiun coach, thar daught'r mite ‘catch t'gay’ er whutever it mite be, becawz folk mite reckon it’s contagiyus er whutever it wuz. But fer sum reeson, thay didn’t want me roun.”
Leehy asks “Whut wuz yar reecshun ta at?” an' Sowers sez “My reecshun wuz shockd at furst, shockd but nairy shockd if'n at’s eve possibull. Becawz t'skool at t'ime, an' thishere wuz nairy eve at long ago, didn’t eve alloe professers ta be out if'n thay wuz gay.” Leehy asks “Wuz it a religiyus skool?” an' Sowers sez “It wuz a religiyus skool, it wuz a Mennonite skool, an' at at time, it wuz kine o'a ‘Don’t ast, don’t tell’ thang. Professers wuz nairy allowd ta be out an' gay an' lesbiun studants had basicallee like secret group meetins, thay nev'r sed whar t'meetins wuz goin ta be, it wuz jes rilly secretif' ta hep folk keep thar privacy. Thar wuz anoth'r skool n' t'division we playd, I had a rilly good frien who playd baskutbul, gut kickd off t'eam at hern skool becawz thay foun out she wuz gay. She lost hern whole skolarship. Thishere wuz 2008, 2007.” Leehy the adds “It’s crazy ta me at at still happens.”
Sowers, t'furst openlee LGBT coach n' t'NFL, had previouslee spoke about thishere incident (which happent at Indiannie’s Goshe College); she talkt ta Outsperts about it n' 2017, an' it’s menchund n' a 2018 ESPNw writeup un hern frum Katie Barnes. But it’s notabull fer at ta be brung up n' a conversayshun un nashshunal sperts telavishun, an' it illustrates sum o't' minny a barriers thar still air out thar fer LGBT athletes an' coaches. And at’s n' addishun ta t'barriers at exist fer wimmen n' sperts; elsewhere n' thishere interview, Leehy an' Sowers discusst hoe Sowers applit fer a job wiff anoth'r NFL team an' wuz tole at organizashun “wuz nairy yet reddy” ta have a wimmen un staff.
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It’s good ta see Fair Game interviewyun' innerestin subjects like Sowers an' a'talkin about seriyus issues, includin t'minny a hurdles out thar fer wimmen n' sperts an' LGBT folk n' sperts. Thishere is a notabull interview, an' one at’s wurth checkyun' out.
Thishere episode o'Fair Game wiff Kristine Leehy airs un FS1 at 5:30 p.m. Tuesdee an' repeets at 12:30 a.m. Eastern Winsdee. Mer clips frum t'shoe a'ken ofte be foun un Fox’s website.

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