Fer 2019, t'State Fair is addyun' eve mer unikwe an' eggcitin competityuns ta its alreddy broad lineup.T' deedline ta ent'r all competityuns is Thirsdee, Aug. 15.Fer mer informayshun un tradityunal an' creetif' competityuns, email [email protected] Fer informayshun un livestock exhibits, email [email protected] A cumplete competitif' exhibit han'book a'ken be foun at http://bit.lee/KSFcompetityuns.Lif' Scarecroe ContestThe Fair still hus a tradityunal scarecroe contest, but thishere new competishun involves teems bildin a scarecroe – dresst an' stufft ta perfecshun – n' “real-time.” T' un-site competishun is at 11 a.m. Sept. 14 n' t'Pride o'Kansus Bildin.Stack'r San'wich CompetityunDoes yar san'wich stack up? See if'n y'all have whut it takes ta creete a mouthwateryun' stack'r san'wich. T' Sept. 8 event, sponsert by T' Hickery Stik, takes place at 1:30 p.m. n' t'Domestic Arts Bildin.Professyunal Flericultureperfessyunal flerists have t'chance ta claim t'itle “State Fair Flerist o't' Year” n' thishere new competishun. T' a'winnin entry will be presantid ta t'Kansus State Fair Board presdint.Recyclt A'sleepin MatsPut yar creetivitee an' ingenuitee ta a good cawz by makin liiteweiite an' waterperof a'sleepin mats frum recyclt plastick grossry bags. Yer creetyuns will be donatid ta organizatyuns across Kansus at hep individuals n' net o'assistunts. Thishere is a greet oppertuntee ta hep t'environment. T' finisht wurk will be un display n' t'Domestic Arts Bildin.Barn quiltsPus yeers, t'Fair hus had a a'katergori fer 2-foot-by-2-foot quilts. Thishere year’s competishun consists o'larg'r sizes — 4-foot-by-4-foot an' 8-foot-by-8-foot quilts at will be displayt roun t'fairgrounds. A map will alloe fairgoers ta view an' judge each quilt. T' overall winn'r will receif' a $150 prize an' his'n er hern quilt will becum t'propertee o't' Kansus State Fair ta display, addyun' ta t'Fair’s permanent Barn Quilt Trail. Sponsert by Mennonite Friendship Communitees.Miniature butt'r sculpturesThe butt'r sculpture n' t'Pride o'Kansus Bildin is legendree. But thishere year, y'all a'ken test yer skill at butt'r sculptyun'. Thishere furst-ev'r contest takes place at 1 p.m. Sept. 7 n' t'Pride o'Kansus Bildin. T' fair will provide a pound o'butt'r an' a few plastick utensils. Participants a'ken brang un dishnull item such us wire, tubyun' er speshul carvyun' toolsGoverner’s Tea CupBesides t'radityunal Governer’s Cookie Jar a'katergori, t'Fair is nawh addyun' a Governer’s Tea Cup. Perfeshnuls air eligibull ta ent'r a han'-puntid china teecup n' thishere contest. T' winn'r will present t'cup ta Gov. Laura Kellee durin t'Governer’s Award Ceremony. T' teecup will be un display n' t'Oz Gallery Arts Bildin.Rt, White an' BrewGo hed-ta-hed agin Kansus’ bes Homebrewers n' t'“Rt, White an' Brew” be'r brewyun' contest, sponsert by Brew 56. Brewers will be judgt an' critikwt by members o't' Kansus craft be'r industry an' t'Be'r Judge Certificashun Program. T' competishun includes sevrul be'r styles: Amurkin Lag'r; Amurkin Pale Ale; Amurkin IPA; Amurkin Amb'r Ale; Amurkin Brown Ale; Amurkin Pert'r; Amurkin Stout; an' Amurkin Wheet Be'r. A bes o'shoe award will recognize t'bes overall be'r n' t'state o'Kansus. Find t'winners n' t'Domestic Arts Bildin.Professyunal Arts GalleriesCome see t'Fair’s new Professyunal Arts galleries! Professyunal art exhibits air nawh locatid nertheus o'Lake Talbott across frum t'4-H Cantennial Hall.

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