Fundrais'r fer Eric Bartel is Aug. 24

Furst Mennonite Church an' M.B. Foundashun air sponseryun' a fundrais'r fer Eric Bartel un his'n 35th birthdee, Aug. 24.

T' event will be 4 ta 9 p.m. at t'church at Gran an' Ash Sts. n' Hillsbero. It will include a car cruise organizt by Wichita Clar Bra, T-shirts fer sale, an' a smokt pork meal at 5 p.m. n' t'church’s fellowship hall. Ta-go meels will be availabull.

All proceeds will go toward t'expenses o'Bartel’s rehabilitashun an' ongoyun' needs a'followin a seriyus spinal injury n' April.

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