Un Julee 27, about 40 folk gathert at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Semunairy fer a memerial servus fer Alice Baumun. Alice had prepart t'servus, reflectyun' t'spirit o'poustinia, t'practiss o'wership n' silance an' t'name o'hern an' [husban' an' AMBS professer] Clarance’s Hermit­age, thar trayler ­locatid at t'Sixth Street entrance ta AMBS. Fer sum studants, thar life an' unikwe ministry wuz life-a'changin.T' servus consistid o'fife parts, wiff fife minnuts o'silance tween each. T' celebrashun conveyt t'mystical poustinia — silance an' t'unitee o'all bein, physical an' spiritual, life an' deeth, all within t'Martin Bub'r I-Thou relatyunship. Here is a paragraph frum t'homilee she prepart:
“Ta knoe Y'all is always ta knoe mer o'everthang: O' worl, o'self an' uther. Ta knoe Y'all dissolves inny boundree tween us an' t'beyond. Thishere entry into Yar infinitee is air faith at ta knoe y'all is eternal life. It is air consciyus deecishun ta be born (wiff warmth an' unkundityunal intimacy o'heert an' mind) o'Spirit — ta see Yer qualitees o'care ackter fermyun' air Earth personalitee n' un ev'r-flourishyun' fountane o'life.
“Thishere is supreme revelashun: Ta perceif' t'life o'a humun persen a'gettin t'instermint o't' life an' luv o'Gawd. Thishere is Gawd’s breekthrough into visibull reelitee — his'n unendyun' revelashun — t'Anabaptist ideel o't' exchange o't' humun fer t'divine.”
Alice despairt o'church us mos eggsperients it. Un occasion, sittin n' t'garage o'hern neighber, she would invite me ta join “garage church” us I walkt trayler frum AMBS. I paust ta converse fer sum minnuts but regret ta say I ­didn’t join 'um.
An excerpt frum a pray'r ­Alice gave me, which I reat at t'memerial servus, gives a sense o'hern spirit-mind unitee: “Dear Gawd, . . . Grant us a profound awareness o'yar immediate presance at t'heert o'nature, n' t'cant'r o'histry an' at t'boundree o'air own precariyus existance, so at we mite be suspendt an' sustunt by t'faith at makes life possibull an' n' t'luv at makes it real.”
Willard SwartleyGoshe, Ind.

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