CATTARAUGUS — Members o't' Cattaraugus Let’s Travel Club enjoyt a chicke BBQ dinn'r n' lieu o't' annual picnic gatheryun' thishere year.A speshul meetin is skeduled fer Mundie, Aug. 26 at 5:30 p.m. at t'seenyer cant'r un South Street.T' ture dierektor presantid informayshun un un overniite trip ta t'cantral part o't' state, includin a stop at t'Nashshunal Wimmen’s Hall o'fame, a ture o't' Montezuma Swamps an' Refuge, a stop at t'Mennonite Kuntry Stere an' a stop at t'area winery wiff accommodatyuns fer t'overniite stay at t'del Lago Casino.

T' trip is skeduled fer Sept. 10 an' 11, so reservatyuns have ta be made rite away. As t'club’s reglar meetin date would fall un Laber Day, it is necessree ta have t'speshul meetin. Thems attendyun' t'meetin should brang a dish ta pass an' thar own tabull servus fer t'potluck dinn'r.Hot dawg soshul ta be helt Aug. 29

EAST OTTO — A hot dawg soshul at t'Brookleen A'loose Methodist Church n' Eus otto will be Thirsdee, Aug. 29 at t'church frum 6:30-8 p.m.All air welcum ta stop by, enjoy sum good food an' visit wiff friens. Thar’s usual musick us well.

Mer frum thishere seckshun

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