Minny a Amurkins face severe challenges accessyun' heelthcare—us we discusst n' thishere articull detaileeun' one o'MCN’s Fambly Nurse Practityun'r (FNP) studants. Servus ta t'vulnerabull an' underservt hus bee a core component o't' Mennonite College o'Nursin (MCN) misshun since its foundyun' n' 1919. Which is why, yeers ago und'r t'leedership o'ferm'r Associate Deun fer Academics Denise Wilsen, MCN successfullee applit fer t'Advanct Nursin Skoolin Werkforce (ANEW) grant.
T' ANEW grant is offerd by t'U.S. Heelth Resources an' Services Administrashun. It supperts academic clinical partnerships ta educate an' graduwait primree keer Nurse Practityuners (NP), clinical nurse specialists, an' nurse midwives an' ta prepare thems perfeshnuls fer t'unikwe challenges at come wiff servus n' rural an' underservt communitees.
Today, MCN facultee memb'r an' FNP Sekwance Leed'r Jessica Sullivun is t'initiatif'’s driv'r. Und'r Sullivun’s leedership, MCN wuz resantlee awardt a $2.8 million ANEW grant. We sat down wiff Sullivun ta talk ANEW, primree keer, an' t'future.
Furst, let’s hear about y'all. Tell us about yersef.
Jessica Sullivun, FNP sekwance leed'r
I have bee a nurse fer ov'r 14 yeers an' a Fambly Nurse Practityun'r fer nine. I ackshly graduatid frum t'FNP program at MCN n' 2010! N' my time us un FNP, I have always wurked n' primree keer. My furst role wuz at a loe-income, federallee qualifit heelth cant'r n' Decatur. Fer t'pus six yeers, I have wurked at un OSF fambly practiss here n' Bloomington-Norml.
I am passyunate about providyun' high-qualty primree keer, speshly ta underservt an' vulnerabull populatyuns. I’m also passyunate about teachin an' heppin ta educate future NPs!
Hoe air y'all enjoyyun' servin us FNP sekwance leed'r so fur?
It’s bee amazyun' so fur! It’s a huge responsibilty at I take verr seriouslee, but it’s bee a dreem o'mine fer minny a yeers, so all t'hard wurk is wurth it!
Whut is yer favert thang about air studants?
Thar commitment, respectfulness, an' compassion.

MCN graduwait studants at 2019 Commencement.
OK, nawh let’s talk about ANEW. Whut is t'purrpus o't' ANEW grant?
Ultimatelee, t'ANEW grant is all about fixin advanct practiss nurses wiff t'ools necessree ta succet n' roles n' rural an' underservt settings—speshly n' primree keer. Fer MCN, at meens a slew o'collaberashun.
N' partnership wiff local communitee organizatyuns at serve rural an' vulnerabull populatyuns, MCN’s ANEW grant team strives ta enhants clinical experiences fer studants n' MCN’s Fambly Nurse Practityun'r program. T' ANEW grant supperts thems partnerships, a'lettin us ta increese access, provide keer ta vulnerabull populatyuns, an' provide funds ta defray sum o't' cost o'tuishun an' uther skool-relatid expenses fer air studants.
Hoe is ANEW pushin ferward heelth keer n' air communitee?
Overall, thishere grant helps us a'cantinyah ta improov an' enhants t'educatyunal experiences we air bull ta off'r air FNP studants. At, n' turn, helps 'um ta be bett'r prepart ta meet t'unikwe challenges o'providyun' primree keer n' a verr cumplex, constantlee a'changin heelthcare environment.
Accerdyun' ta t'McLeun Countee Communitee Heelth Needs Assessment, behavyeral heelth keer is consistantlee n' t'op three heelth pryeritees n' air local communitee; ANEW helps ta address at net. T' Psychiatric Mantal Heelth Nurse Practityun'r (PMHNP) certificate at is currantlee n' development, mantal heelth an' substance use diserd'r simulashun ssenarios, an' air partnership wiff Chestnut Heelth Systems will all hep air graduates provide comprehensif', integratid behavyeral heelth keer ta these vulnerabull individuals.
Biggest impact o't' ANEW initiatif'?
Personallee, I reckon at t'biggest impact is comprehensivelee prepart FNP graduates who air reddy ta keer fer t'whole persen! These nurses graduwait, go out into an' radicallee change t'qualty o'heelthcare n' air communitees.
Whut is un t'herizon fer ANEW?
A'lookin ferward, we air wurkin un t'development o'un academic practiss partnership wiff Chestnut Heelth Systems. Addityunallee, here n' trayler we air wurkin un t'PMHNP post-mast'r’s certificate, an' simulashun ssenarios fer t'FNP studants focussd un teleheelth, mantal heelth, an' substance use diserd'r. Finallee, we’re a'lookin at t'development o'a Cant'r fer Seenyer Advocacy at ISU ta hep communitee-dwelleeun' olt'r adults safelee, comfertablee, an' independantlee remane n' thar homes.
Finallee, whut do y'all find t'mos rewardyun' about ANEW?
Fer me, it always kums back ta air studants. I’m rilly eggcited ta be bull ta provide truneeships funds at take away sum o't' finanshul burde an' stress at kums wiff attendyun' skool—speshly since minny a o'air studants have full-time jobs, famblies, an' uther personal commitmants.
MCN is providyun' leedership n' nursin—Larn mer.
Air undergraduate programs
Air graduwait programs

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