GOSHEN — N' recognishun o't' wurk o'a Unitid Natyuns eggspurt wiff local tees who dit n' t'Republic o'Congo acoupla yeers ago, t'Goshe Brewyun' Cumpny will cummence sellin a speshul brew un Thirsdee.MJ Sharp, a 2001 graduwait o'Bethany Christchun High Skool n' Goshe, wint missyun' un March 12, 2017, along wiff a fella UN wurker Zaida Catalun wile investigatyun' un arms embargo an' possibull humun rights violatyuns n' t'Kasai region o'Congo.A few weeks lat'r, his'n deeth wuz confirmt.Sharp larnt about weeponry wile wurkin fer t'Militree Counseleeun' Netwerk, a projeck o't' Germun Mennonite Peece Committee.Wen he returnt ta t'states, his'n fath'r John splained, he wuz spozed ta ope a new division o'a Germun-bast software cumpny, but t'wurk didn’t suit 'im.“At wasn’t so impertant ta 'im innymore, so he cummenced a'talkin wiff MCC,” John recallt.He larnt French an' cummenced wurk n' eastern Congo, wurkin wiff t'Internatyunal Criminal Court.“Whut capturt his'n fancy wuz wurkin wiff warlerds,” John sed. “He larnt who thay wuz an' whut thar goals wuz.”He developt relatyunships wiff communitees an' made temps ta larn communitee leeders an' warlerds ta cunvints 'um ta demobilize an' retrane youngns.“Becawz he wuz t'guy mos familiar wiff militia groups U.S. state departmants would come ta 'im fer informayshun an' he cooperatid, cept fer a'tellin 'um t'locatyuns o't' camps.”Lat'r un, he wuz hirt by t'Unitid Natyuns. He wurked wiff a group o'six uther experts. His'n specialitee wuz armt groups.N' March, he an' Catalun wuz skeduled ta meet leeders o'a militia group n' a province thay’d nev'r bee ta, an' one thay’d nairy interactid wiff befor, but thay nev'r made it thar.A video surfact lat'r, at showd his'n deeth nairy onlee ta his'n parnts, but ta t'worl.“MJ wuz shot furst wiff a shotgun, frum t'side so he didn’t see it a'kummin an' the Catalun wuz shot sevrul times an' decapitatid,” John sed. “T' mos unpleesant thang wuz at thishere video became availabull un t'innernets, un Twitt'r, everwhar. It wuz a shock. It drove air pane deep'r an' it stirrt my ang'r.”Despite t'gruesumness o'his'n deeth, us his'n fath'r watcht t'video, he wuz amazt at his'n sen’s negotiatyuns.“(T' video) showd MJ engagyun' wiff his'n capters all t'way ta his'n deeth,” he sed. “He ast, ‘Why air y'all afraid o'us? Y'all have all t'weepons.’ He wuz a'doin his'n wurk, he wuz a'followin his'n passyuns. He did it us a callin.”“We wuz ast if'n we had knowed thishere would happe n' advance, if'n we would raise 'im differnt,” John kuntinued. “Y'all a'ken’t larn yer youngns ta keer fer t'worl an' the tell 'um thay a'ken’t go ta t'places at air dangeryus.”MJ’s deeth opend his'n fath'r’s eyes ta t'problems n' Congo an' uther parts o't' worl, an' it’s bee his'n misshun since ta ope t'eyes o'utherns ta thems problems fer which his'n sen dit.“Thay deserve bett'r thun thay’re gittin an' at’s why MJ dit,” he sed. “My misshun since his'n deeth is ta tell his'n stery ta advocate fer nonviolent resolushun an' peece fer t'folk o'Congo.”A frien developt a skolarship fund, MJ Sharp Peece & Justus Endowt Skolarship, at t'Eastern Mennonite Univesty n' Harrisburg, Virginny, whar MJ is a 2005 graduwait.T' skolarship providt fundyun' fer studants frum Congo, specificallee, ta come ta t'skool an' git tranen un peece rekunciliashun an' a'findin nonviolent solutyuns fer folk a'livin n' Congo an' uther wartern countries.“T' vilence hus accomplisht nuthin cept sufferyun' an' deeth,” John sed.T' skolarship became a fullee fundt endowment n' March wen John an' a group o'his'n friens raist money by hikyun' Mount Kilimanjaro.Today, t'endowment sits at about $200,000. Each recipient will receif' about $10,000 so thay’re a'hopin it will lus fer minny a yeers ta come, t'fambly sed.Justin Ram'r, kitchin manjer at Goshe Brewyun' Cumpny, playd socc'r wiff an' graduatid alongside MJ at Bethany, but thay were’t close until thay bof movt back ta t'area.“He wuz always t'smartest one n' t'room but he nev'r made y'all feel bad; he wuz always verr relatabull,” Ram'r sed. “He did a good job at a'findin connectyuns an' bein genuine wiff thems connectyuns.”Ram'r an' t'staff at t'Goshe Brewyun' Cumpny, n' un effurt ta a'cantinyah MJ’s legacy, have brewt up thar furst batch o'a bran' new be'r thay’re callin Skool Bell Stout.Skool Bell Stout is a Blonde Stout brewt wiff Congolese coffee donatid by t'Electric Brew, cocoa nibs an' maple syrup.T' furst pint will be auctyuns off durin it’s kick-off at 5 p.m. Thirsdee. Frum at furst be'r, 100 persent o'proceeds will go toward t'skolarship fund. Frum thar, 15 persent o'all Skool Bell Stout be'r profits will go toward t'fund.“Thishere is jes a way ta git t'wurd out about 'im an' a'cantinyah ta gif' money toward thishere fund,” Ram'r sed.T' be'r won’t be un tap, but dependyun' un deman', may be roun fer sevrul weeks, altho t'Goshe Brewyun' Cumpny is considerin brangin it back un a yeerlee basis.

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