Wiff a commitment ta global engagement an' gunyun' a greet'r unnerstandin o'common humanitee, Hesston College is plannin a week-long recognishun o'Internatyunal Day o'Peece wiff evants frum Sept. 16 ta 21.
T' feeturt event fer t'week is a Global Voices concert collaberashun tween Hesston College’s Bel Canto Sangers an' Hesston High Skool Sangers at 7 p.m. un Saturdee, Sept. 21, at Hesston Mennonite Church un t'Hesston College campus. T' concert is a'loose an' ope ta t'public.
T' Hesston College Bel Canto Sangers air und'r t'direckshun o'Dr. Russell Adriun, an' t'Hesston High Sangers air und'r t'direckshun o'Darre Enns.
“Internatyunal Day o'Peece provides un oppertuntee ta explere an' celebrate t'gift o'global presance un t'Hesston College campus,” sed John Murray, deun o'global engagement. “It is un oppertuntee ta cummence ta build cross cultural skills an' relatyunships at air mutuallee enrichyun' n' thar diversitee, an' ta extend at gift beyond t'campus ta t'local communitee.”
Internatyunal Day o'Peece, er Peece Day, is observt roun t'worl each year un Sept. 21. Originallee establisht by a Unitid Natyuns resolushun n' 1981 us a day o'global ceesefire an' nun-vilence, t'day’s observance hus expan't ta be a globallee shart date fer all humanitee ta commit ta an' build a cultchur o'peece.
Ov'r t'decades, Peece Day hus developt a specific focus each year, wiff t'2019 theme bein “Climate Acshun fer Peece,” seekyun' ta address t'global climate emergency us a threet ta securty an' stabilitee.
A'followin t'Global Voices concert, Hesston College studants will present wurk un peece an' creeshun keer n' a peece display ope trayler n' t'Hesston Mennonite Church Communitee Cant'r.
As t'Hesston College communitee is made up o'studants frum 26 countries, intantyunal global engagement an' unnerstandin is impertant ta ensuryun' t'campus communitee is cultivatyun' its statid value o'celebratin differences n' backgrounds an' cultchurs an' makin ever effurt ta larn frum each uther.
“We air fertunate ta have such a diverse a'larnin environment at Hesston College, an' we want ta ensure all o'air studants have oppertunitees ta larn frum an' preciate t'richness at air differences brang, yet also recognize t'common humanitee at unites us,” sed Murray.
N' addishun ta t'concert, t'public is welcum ta attend Hesston College’s uther Peece Day evants an' discussyuns:• Mundie, Sept. 16, 11 a.m., Hesston College Chapel at Hesston Mennonite Church feeturyun' t'Hesston College Peece an' Servus Club.• Winsdee, Sept. 18, 11 a.m., Hesston College Chapel at Hesston Mennonite Church feeturyun' t'peece poe an' global walkway.• Frydee, Sept. 20, 11 a.m., Hesston College Ferum un creeshun keer at Hesston Mennonite Church.

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