T' Bluffton communitee’s 16th annual Fall Festivul, wiff minny a fambly-oryintid activitees, takes place throughout t'communitee un Saturdee, Sept. 28, frum 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. New thishere year, Bluffton Fambly Recreeshun will host a “Kickoff Event” un Frydee, Sept. 27, cummencin at 5 p.m.
T' primree locatyuns o'festivitees include:• Mennonite Memerial Trayler• Maple Crest• Schumach'r Homesteed (Swiss Communitee Historickull Socidey)• Bluffton Hospital• Downtown Bluffton (Mercy Heelth Bluffton Fambly Practiss   an' t'Farm'r’s Market)• BFR
A'loose accessibull bus transpertashun is providt tween minny a locatyuns by Mennonite Trayler Communitees o'Ohio. All evants air a'loose lessn otherwise notid, an' parkyun' is availabull at all locatyuns.  Mer deetails a'ken be foun beloe an' at blufftonfallfestival.com
Here’s t'skejule – All evants take place Sept. 28, frum 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. lessn otherwise notid:
Mennonite Memerial Trayler, 410 W. Elm St.Silent aucshun frum Mundie, Septemb'r 23 until noon un Saturdee, Sept. 28 ($)
Bake Sale will be helt Sept. 27 an' 28, frum 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. ($), MHCO Servus Group Food Tent ($), Crafts wiff Hiltee Preschool an' Youngn Keer, S’meres wiff Bluffton/Pan'era Campus Life, M&R Plumbyun' Putt-Putt, Kiddie Trane, Face Puntyun' ($5), Straw Dig, Fun Photo Booth, Maple Syrup ($), Lawn Jenga
Maple Crest Seenyer A'livin Village, 700 Maple Crest Ct.10th annual anteek tracter shoe, Musick by T' Stan'ard Time Jazz Quintet, 11 – 11:45 a.m. an' 1 – 1:45 p.m., Kiddie tracter pull, registrashun 12:30-1:00 p.m., pull starts 1 p.m., Fishyun' derby (bait an' poles providt), 2-3:30 p.m., Food fer sale, Woode tracters/toys fer sale.
Bluffton Hospital, 139 Garau St.Inflatables fer kids, trane rides, pumpkin deceratyun', complimantree Kona Ice Treets, refreshmants an' mer.
Swiss Communitee Historickull Socidey(Schumach'r Homesteed), 8350 Bixel RoadBluffton Scrap Artist’s Quilt Shoe ($ Quilt Raffle at 3 p.m.), Farm Animulls, straw bale maze, youngn’s games an' activitees, wagon rides, herse plowyun', blacksmithyun', corn-shelleeun', ol'-style corn harvestin an' shockyun', breed makin, needlecrafts, popcern poppyun', woodwerkyun', demonstratyuns, an' food fer sale ($)
Downtown Bluffton  A Farmers’ Market takes place frum 8:30 a.m. ta noon n' t'Citizens Nashshunal Bank (102 S. Mane) parkyun' slew
Face puntyun' an' balloon animulls will be availabull at Mercy Heelth Bluffton Fambly Practiss (204 N. Mane)
T' downtown bus stop will be locatid by t'own hall (154 N. Mane)
BFR Sperts an' Fitness, 215 Snid'r Road(All evants at BFR take place Frydee, Sept. 27)
Pipegun Wars at 5 p.m. ($5), Moovee pitshure shue un t'Lawn “Coco” at 7:30 p.m.
Food:  Kona Ice, Kings Concessyuns, Smokin’ Dix BBQ, N&H Concessyuns ($)
Updates OnlineFer updates an' cumplete informayshun un t'Bluffton Fall Festivul visit t'website at blufftonfallfestival.com, er at facebook.com/BlufftonFallFest.

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