9.9. 2019

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Anna Groff

N' addishun ta orderyun' Sundy skool curriculum an' buyyun' supplies fer classrooms, take a few momants ta cunsidder steps ta ensure safetee fer t'Sundy skool studants at yer church thishere fall. Ekwippyun' teechers wiff t'informayshun an' tools thay net ahed o'time a'ken go a long way n' suppertyun' a heelthy environment fer all.
1. Faller t'acoupla-adult rule: Dove’s Nest recommends acoupla adults (preferablee unrelatid) n' all settings wiff youngns. Avoid one adult an' one youngn situatyuns at all costs. Thishere meens acoupla Sundy skool teechers er yewt leeders n' each class. One model is a lead teechur an' teechur’s assistant. T' lead teechur is responsibull fer lessun plannin an' leedyun' t'class, wile t'assistant offers suppert an' hep durin t'class. Lead teechers should volunte'r fer at leest one quart'r ta ensure continuitee an' relatyunship bildin, but assistunts could serve fer month-long terms, fer eggzample, ta hep share t'responsibilty n' small'r church settings. Also cunsidder a rovyun' hall moniter ta check n' un classrooms. See air video un t'acoupla-adult rule:
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2. Check out classrooms: Invite teechers er Sundy skool coerdinators ta check out an' evaluate t'classrooms ahed o'time. Remoov unsafe items, check electrical cerds, an' make shure t'heetyun'/cooleeun' system is wurkin properlee. If'n y'all don’t alreddy have windows n' doers, install 'um; thishere aids n' supervision an' accountabilitee. T' space should be reddy, invityun' an' safe fer all.
3. Skejule a teechur tranen: Plun fer a Sundy skool teechur tranen an'/er oryintashun lt by a Sundy skool coerdinater er a Dove’s Nest speek'r. We off'r n'-persen trunings an' lif' Zoom video trunings. See air offerings here. Topicks coverd could include t'a'followin: nonviolent, positif' displine an' classroom management technikwes; consent, heelthy touch an' boundaries; signs o'abuse an' hoe ta repert abuse; supervision befor an' aft'r Sundy skool sessyuns; an' uther informayshun frum yar perteckshun policy.
4. Plun a blessin: Cunsidder plannin a back-ta-skool an'/er furst day o'Sundy skool blessin durin t'wership servus. Thishere is a time ta recognize studants, teechers an' Sundy skool volunteers. Y'all may cunsidder a small gift o'skool supplies fer t'studants an' a toke o'gratitude fer t'Sundy skool teechers. Books about safetee a'ken also be utilizt n' a youngns’s time n' t'earlee fall. See book ideus here.
5. Cunsidder Circle o'Grace: T' fall is a good time ta cunsidder whut month ta implement t' Circle o'Grace curriculum, a Christchun safe environment curriculum. April, Youngn Abuse Prevenshun Month, is a greet opshun. T' curriculum fer ages pre-K ta 12th grade is availabull n' Spanish an' English an' includes 2–4 sessyuns, dependyun' un t'age group. T' Circle o'Grace curriculum teeches youngns an' yewt hoe ta idantify an' manetane apperpriate physical, emotyunal, spiritual an' saxual boundaries; recognize wen boundree violatyuns air about ta occur; an' demonstrate hoe ta take acshun wen boundaries air threatend er violatid. T' 2019 update is nawh availabull online.
6. N' genrull, rememb'r ta:
decreese isolashun an' secrecy,
increese supervision an' accountabilitee,
an' make shure activitees air observabull an' interruptibull.
Dove’s Nest a'ken wurk wiff yar faith communitee regardless o'whar y'all air un t'youngn perteckshun journey. If'n y'all don’t have a policy, we a'ken hep y'all creete one. If'n y'all’ve nev'r helt a teechur tranen, let thishere year be t'furst. We air honert ta wurk wiff churches o'variyus sizes an' structures across Nerth Amurka. Churches wiff un Everance stewardship advocate may applee fer a one-time $350 Safe Church grant ta cov'r t'cost o'a Dove’s Nest tranen.
Anna Groff is executif' dierektor o' Dove’s Nest. She is a memb'r o'Shalom Mennonite Fellowship n' Tucsen, Airazonia. A vershun o'thishere articull originallee appeert at dovesnest.net.

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