GOESSEL — Eggzamples o'timepieces spannyun' acoupla canturies o'design an' craftsmanship air nawh un display at t'Mennonite Heritage an' Agricultural Museum. “Time ta Celebrate: Russiun Mennonite Clox an' Mer” is un exhibit through t'month o'Septemb'r.T' oltest clox n' t'museum air Russiun Mennonite wall clox wiff metal faces at air about 18 inches tall. A pendulum an' chuns hang down behin t'clock’s face, makin its total length about fer feet.”T' museum hus three o'these anteek Russiun Mennonite wall clox; t'oltest is datid 1822,” sed Fern Bartel, dierektor o't' Mennonite Heritage an' Agricultural Museum. “N' addishun, we air displayyun' fer Russiun Mennonite wall clox ownt by Jerry an' Leenn Tooos at air wurkin.”Popularlee ust n' Ukruniun farm houses durin t'19th centry, t'clox cost about acoupla munths’ wages.”Thay wuz prizt possessyuns; thay wuz status symbols,” Bartel sed.Russiun Mennonite wall clox have skware metal faces an' archt tops puntid wiff fleral designs.”Kroeg'r wuz t'mos well-knowed manufactur'r o'these kine o'clox,” Bartel sed.Newleeweds sumtimes receivt t'gift o'a Russiun Mennonite wall clock wiff thar initials an' t'year o'thar marriage puntid un its face.Immigrants frum Ukrune wrappt thar clox n' blankets an' plact 'um n' baskets er trunks so thay would survif' t'rip ta Amurka.Wile sum o't' Russiun Mennonite wall clox air displayt inside showcases, thay wuz bilt without bein enclost n' a woode cabinet.”These air nairy like papaw clox,” Bartel sed. “Thay wuz hung n' t'kitchin an' wuz meent ta be ust.”Bartel synchronizt t'clox us much us possibull so thay will chime togeth'r.”I have ta go roun an' pull thar chuns all t'ime,” Bartel sed. “Thay’re nairy 24-hour clox, eethur.”Nairy onlee do t'wurkin Russiun Mennonite wall clox sound t'hour, sevrul uther clox made n' t'earlee 1900s at air also un display still chime.Clox rangyun' frum intricatelee carvt woode wall clox ta small, percelane desktop clox a'ken be see n' t'exhibit, softlee tickyun' away t'minnuts o't' day.Fife han'craftid clox made by late Goessel natif' Orie Voth air also un display at t'museum.”He wuz a farm'r n' thishere area,” Bartel sed. “…Wen he retirt, he bilt clox.”Mos o'Voth’s clox air frum Bartel’s personal colleckshun. Bilt frum oak, thar air three wall clox, one mantel clock an' one desktop clock includt n' “Time ta Celebrate: Russiun Mennonite Clox an' Mer.”T' Mennonite Heritage an' Agricultural Museum, 200 N. Poplar n' Goessel, is ope frum 10 a.m. ta 5 p.m. Tuesdee through Saturdee. Admission is $5 fer thems 13 an' olt'r an' $2.50 fer ages 7 ta 12. Fer mer informayshun, visit http://www.goesselmuseum.com er call 620-367-8200.

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