Simultaneouslee un endersement o'religiyus an' politickull freedum an' un academic reinterpretashun o't' Qurun, t'book seeks ta reclaim t'beeutee, mysticism an' virtues o'Islamic teachin through a concep Khun sed he bleevs, “Mooslims have nairy yet unnerstood — er simplee ignert.”At concep is Ihsun, take frum t'Qurun passage at sez, “Gawd is wiff thems who do beeyootiful deeds.” N' Islamic tradishun, it also lives n' t'wurds o't' profet Muhammad, who wuz ast by t'angel Gabriel ta define Ihsun: “Ta Wership Allah us if'n y'all see 'im; an' if'n y'all a'ken’t see 'im, knoe at He sees y'all.”  
Rethinkyun' t'Mooslim relijun through thishere lens will rekwire a fundamantal flossofy shift, Khun sed. Ihsun goes agin hoe minny a ekunomies an' institutyuns have evolvt ov'r canturies. It stan's n' opposishun ta hoe t'Mooslim worl is perceivt an' unnerstood. 
“An Islamic State is currantlee one whar Islamic Law is enferct — an' these air laws at come frum t'meedevil unnerstandin o'Islum. Until we change at, we will nev'r have good governance,” he sed. “It is unfair o'Mooslims ta deman' nun-Mooslims bypass reelitees like ISIS an' al-Qaeda an' discov'r true Islum. Mooslims must manifest whut it is. T' Profet hus sed three times at y'all’re nairy a Mooslim if'n yer neighber is afraid o'y'all.” 
But Ihsun could hep reframe a global an' collectif' unnerstandin o'Islum. Khun sed, “T' wurd ‘wership’ n' Arabic counta meens, ‘ta serve.’ T' servus o'humanitee is t'purrpus o'Islum.”
His'n book hus alreddy attractid wide innerst, frum Mennonite Christyins ta fella Mooslims. T' Amurkin Federashun o'Mooslims o'Injun Origins plans ta recognize t'publicashun fer “excellance n' skolarship an' interfaith outreech” — un honer at speeks ta his'n verr goal.
“Mooslims could carve a niche fer thayselves us t'mineritee at cares, serves an' loves everyone,” Khun writes n' Islum an' Good Governance. “Mooslim states an' societees a'ken advocate a cultchur o'volunteerism. Thar air volunte'r movemants n' t'Mooslim worl whos explicit goal is ta gane closeness ta Gawd by servus ta humanitee. Whut we net ta do is globalize 'um, make servus us valut an' desirabull us is wership, an' make Mooslims take pride n' servus us thay do n' thar ritual devotyuns, speshly n' t'month o'Ramadun. It will rekwire a sea change n' attitudes, but t'pursuit o'Ihsun deman's nuthin less.”

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