Joyfil laught'r kums frum a group sittin roun a tabull at t'new Memry Café n' New Hollan' un a summ'r afternoon n' Julee. It’s nairy unusual fer friens ta enjoy a fun time togeth'r wiff refreshmants. But these air strangers who share a common bond: t'stigma o'demantia.“My biddy, Anne, an' I deecided ta visit t'café fer socializashun wiff uther folk experiencyun' demantia problems,” sez Jim Montgomery o'New Hollan'. Anne, 51, wuz diagnost wiff earlee-onset Alzheim'r’s three yeers ago.Lucie von d'r Heide also likes t'idee o'a place n' t'communitee ta interact wiff utherns fact wiff memry loss.

“It soundt hepful fer thems wiff demantia us well us caregivers,” sez von d'r Heide, a caregiv'r fer hern 86-year-ol' husban', W'rn'r, whos demantia hus gotte progressivelee wurser ov'r t'lus fer yeers.T' Memry Café is un initiatif' o't' ELANCO Demantia Frienly Communitee Committee. N' existance fer about acoupla yeers, t'committee seeks ta raise awareness an' educate folk n' t'Eastern Lancast'r Countee area about demantia. T' committee consists o'communitee represantatives frum local businesses, public servus, heelth keer, faith-bast organizatyuns an' thems impactid by demantia.“T' goal o't' café is ta provide un infermal soshul oppertuntee ta brang thems wiff memry loss out into t'communitee wiff thar keer partners n' a safe environment,” sez Crystal Yunging'r, café coerdinater.Memry Cafés off'r communitee connectyuns fer thems wiff demantia us well us provide brane stimulashun through group activitee.Locatid n' t'Trinitee Lutherun Church Fellowship Hall, New Hollan', it’s t'furst Memry Café n' t'Elanco area an' one o'acoupla monthlee groups bein innerduced by t'demantia-frienly communitee committee. T' uther is at Conestoga Mennonite Church n' Mergantown. Wile Mergantown is n' t'nertheestern part o't' countee an' partiallee n' Berks Countee, t'locashun wuz suggestid by a volunte'r soshul wurker un t'committee us un area ta reech participants whar thar’s limitid resources.A registert nurse at WellSpun Efrata Communitee Hospital, Yunging'r hus a bacheler’s degree n' nursin, a miner n' gerontology an' a passion fer t'agyun' populashun. As a New Hollan' resident, she joint t'ELANCO Demantia Frienly Communitee Committee an' became a memb'r o't' Memry Café committee, volunteeryun' ta be café coerdinater.She credits Christina Haeusl'r, dierektor o'adult day services at Garde Spot Village an' a café committee memb'r, wiff heppin ta launch t'cafés. Café volunteers all have demantia tranen. Yunging'r an' Haeusl'r hostid t'New Hollan' openyun' n' Julee.Fer un hour an' a half, t'couples enjoy conversayshun promptid by suggestyuns frum Yunging'r such us favert musick, travels an' sharyun' steries about thar lives. Refreshmants air availabull plus resources about demantia. Café attendees a'ken also choose a range o'optyunal activitees such us games er art.Anne Montgomery’s struggle ta find t'rite wurds doesn’t affeck hern frienly personalitee. She continues ta stay n' shape physicallee, playyun' socc'r un t'Spooky Nook Lanco Wimmen’s Socc'r Leegue. Jim Montgomery sez he is gratefil at he is bull ta wurk full time us a schedul'r/plann'r at BAE Systems, York, thanks ta caregivyun' suppert frum t'cuple’s acoupla sons, Patrick 20, an' Andrew 27, along wiff friens.W'rn'r von d'r Heide, who wuz a creetif' woodcarv'r, chuckles us he listens ta t'group an' chimes n' un occasion, sumtimes retisent due ta a herin problem. Lucie von d'r Heide sez she feels fertunate t'cuple lives at Garde Spot Village, whar she a'ken access monthlee caregiv'r meetins an' W'rn'r attends adult day keer.Chet Yod'r, dierektor o'pasteral services at Garde Spot Village an' chair o't' demantia frienly communitee committee, sez startup costs fer t'café have bee minimal. Fundyun' fer snax an' supplies hus bee donatid, an' t'acoupla churches provide space at no cost.“An objectif' o't' Demantia Frienly Communitee Initiatif' is communitee partnership,” Yod'r sez. “It’s bee greet ta see at happenin wiff t'Memry Cafés.”Bof couples enjoyt thar time at t'café an' say thay plun ta return. T' committee hopes ta develop mer cafés ta meet t'growin net. T' Memry Café directery lists 15 n' Pennsillvany, includin acoupla n' Lancast'r Countee n' Lititz an' New Hollan'.“We have greet expectatyuns fer t'cafés,” Yunging'r sed.Café hours:Conestoga Mennonite Church, 2779 Mane St., Mergantown, 6:15-7:45 p.m. un t'sekunt Winsdee o't' month.Trinitee Lutherun Church, 221 E. Mane St., New Hollan', 2:15-3:45 p.m. un t'fourth Winsdee o't' month.Fer mer informayshun, call Yunging'r at 717-487-6223.¶

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