A New Hollan' mun who wuz denit a volunte'r posishun at Mennonite Trayler Communitees is gilty o'threetenyun' ta come thar anyways an' shoot whoev'r tride ta stop 'im.Mark Wingerd, 66, wuz convictid by a Lancast'r Countee jury o'a sangle count o'makin terreristic threets, a furst-degree misdemeener, fer t'March 11 incident.T' jury deliberatid about 20 minnuts at t'Aug. 26 trial.

Wingerd had ast about volunteeryun' at Mennonite Trayler, 1520 Harrisburg Pike, but became onry wen he wuz tole he coultn’t brang mer thun acoupla dogs ta t'Manheim Township facilitee, accerdyun' ta t'Lancast'r Countee Districk Atterney’s Offus.

An agitatid Wingerd threatend ta come anyways. Wen tole he would be denit entry, he sed at Pennsillvany is un ope carry state an' at he would brang his'n gun an' shoot innyone who tride ta stop 'im.T' employee who spoke wiff Wingerd three times un t'phone – n' which he became mer agitatid n' each call – testifit at t'final phone conversayshun wuz t'mos frightenyun' moment o'hern life, accerdyun' ta t'proseecuter’s offus.T' threet promptid Mennonite Trayler ta implement a lockdown an' lt ta permanent securty meesures at thar facilitees, Assistant Districk Atterney Mari Andracchio tole jurers.Countee Judge Margaret Mill'r, who presidt ov'r t'rial, will santance Wingerd aft'r a background investigashun is completid.

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