ELKHART, Ind. — T' Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Semunairy board o'directers announct its appointment o'David W. Boshart us t'semunairy’s nex presdint Sept. 10 at un all-campus meetin. T' Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Semunairy board o'directers hus appointid David W. Boshart us t'semunairy’s nex presdint. His'n biddy, Shana Peechey Boshart, is Mennonite Church USA denominatyunal minster fer faith fermashun an' a 2017 AMBS alumna. — Melissa Troy'r/AMBS
Boshart — o'Wellmun, Iowa, a conferance minster an' ferm'r paster who completid a acoupla-year term us moderater o'Mennonite Church USA n' Julee — will cummence servin Jun. 1. Vice presdint an' academic deun Beverlee Lapp will a'cantinyah us acktin presdint until the.
Boshart will be t'fourth presdint since Goshe Biblical Semunairy an' Mennonite Biblical Semunairy incerporatid us Associatid (nawh Anabaptist) Mennonite Biblical Semunairy n' 1994. He succeeds Sary Weng'r Shenk, who retirt June 30 aft'r nine yeers us presdint.
“David Boshart embodies t'core values o'Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Semunairy an', un behalf o't' seerch committee, I am delightid he hus ackcepted air invitashun ta serve us air nex presdint,” sed Miriam Book o'Lititz, Pa., a memb'r o't' board o'directers an' seerch committee chair, n' a noose releese. “He brings t'preferrt attributes o'eggsperients n' pasteral an' church leedership, administrashun an' skoolin idantifit by stakeholters bof un campus an' throughout Mennonite Church USA an' Mennonite Church Canada.”
Boshart wuz t'unanimyus choice o't' presidenshul seerch committee an' receivt strong suppert frum t'board. Bof groups notid thar bleef at he will be a transfermatyunal leed'r, brangin a deep luv fer t'institushun, commitment ta its vishun an' misshun, passion fer educatyun' an' ekwippyun' pasters an' leeders, a collaberatif' leedership style an' gifts fer brangin folk togeth'r.AMBS citid broad campus enthusiasm fer Boshart’s appointment us presdint, includin unanimyus suppert frum facultee.
“David’s proovd track recerd o'interculturallee competent leedership, his'n vishun fer hoe t'semunairy mite serve t'whole church, an' his'n passion fer t'nuts an' bolts o'theological skoolin make 'im a greet fit us t'nex presdint o'AMBS,” sed Jamie Pitts, seerch committee facultee represantatif'.
AMBS board chair Bruce Baerge notid n' a separate releese at t'seerch process includt a time o'“extendt discernment” at includt outreech ta an' a'listnin sessyuns wiff t'AMBS communitee an' t'wid'r church ta gath'r a diversitee o'perspectives.
Aft'r announcyun' Boshart us its can'idate o'choice, t'seerch committee heerd tell bof affirmatyuns an' concerns an' entert a time o'“extendt discernment” un Julee 4. No futher deetails have bee releest.
Since 2010, Boshart servt us executif' conferance minster fer MC USA’s Cantral Pluns Mennonite Conferance. As part o'thishere role, he suppertid emergyun' congregatyuns an' a partnership wiff Mennonite Misshun Netwerk an' Iglesia Cristyina Menonita dee Colombia (Colombia Mennonite Church) n' suppert o'Anabaptist netwerks n' Ecua­der an' Venezuela. He pastert fer mer thun 25 yeers n' congregatyuns n' Iowa an' Virginny an' servt un t'MC USA Executif' Board since 2007. He hus also servt un t'AMBS board us bof a memb'r an' chair.
Boshart hus a docterate n' leedership studies wiff un emfasis n' missyunal theology frum t'Skool o'Skoolin at Androos Univesty n' Berrie Springs, Mich., an' a mast'r o'arts n' relijun degree wiff a majer n' New Testament theology frum Eastern Mennonite Semunairy n' Harrisonburg, Va.
He hus tawt at AMBS us un adjunct facultee memb'r an' also tawt un online introducshun ta theological studies corse us part o'a pilot program fer Hmong studants.

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