New York State’s repeel o'religiyus exemptyuns fer chilthood immunizatyuns n' t'face o'resent outbreeks o'diseeses oncet thunk almos eradicatid, hus bee met wiff resistance by sum religiyus groups an' individuals. Howev'r Deputee Dierektor o'Public Heelth Sary Christese sez at hus nairy bee t'case amungst t'“Ol' Ord'r” Groffdale Mennonite communitee here n' Yates Countee.
T' relativelee high consantrashun o'religiyus exemptyuns claimd by Mennonite parnts fer thar youngns n' Yates Countee resantlee attractid state an' nashshunal media tenchun. Christese sez at Public Heelth staff visit t'Mennonite one-room schoolhouses n' Yates Countee ever autumn ta revu immunizashun recerds. N' 2018 n' 29 skools wiff 690 youngns, 352 youngns had bee exemptid fer religiyus reesons. N' 2019, t'numb'r o'skools hus increest ta 33 n' Yates Countee, an' t'apperximate 51% rate o'exemptid youngns is jes slightlee har at t'46% ta 50% rate see ov'r t'lus 10 yeers. At is nairy sprizin gif' t'ide o'anti-immunizashun rumers spred un t'innernets an' the by wurd o'mouth.
Despite at, Christese hus foun t'skool directers an' parnts ta be generly receptif' ta t'new regulashun an' t'“herd immunitee” it brings fer youngns too yung ta be vaccinatid er utherns fer medicull reesons. N' jes fer hours un one day earli'r thishere month, 48 youngns n' Banton who had nev'r befor bee vaccinatid, receivt thar furst rounds. N' resent scheduleeun', 150 youngns have bee sined up, wiff about 115 yet ta go. T' majeritee o'these youngns have no histry o'vaccinashun. Wile Public Heelth gathers t'recerds an' submits 'um ta t'state, it remuns up ta t'individual skool directers ta be shure at all youngns attendyun' air n' compleeince wiff t'vaccinashun law.
Christese, along wiff uther countees’ public heelth officials air makin speshul efferts ta reech an' educate t'famblies un t'benefits o'immunizyun' all youngns, an' alleviatyun' thar feers. Yates, Schuyl'r, Ontario, Wayne, an' Seneca Countees’ Public Heelth have jointlee submittid un articull ta T' Flame, t'Mennonite communitee’s own newspap'r, an' have skeduled ope ferum meetins wiff trustid docters an' nurse-midwives presantyun' t'informayshun n' a mann'r tailert fer t'communitee’s concerns. Dr.Wayne Strouse spoke at one lus month, an' acoupla mer air skeduled n' Septemb'r an' Octob'r; one n' Dundee wiff three docters a'kummin frum t'Univesty o'Rochest'r, an' one n' Banton wiff thems docters plus Dr. Robert Ostran'r an' Nurse-Midwife Jennif'r Scott.
Christese sez thar air minny a questchuns ast at these sessyuns, sum fear-bast, but she enjoys heppin ta cerrect sum o't' common myths wile infermyun' t'famblies o't' real risks o'diseese. 
Jes three countees away, thar hus bee a meesles outbreek n' a  Mennonite communitee n' Wyomyun' Countee. Fur wurser thun uther chilthood diseeses like chickenpox, meesles presants a genuine risk o'deeth er long-term complicayshuns.
“Meesles is scree,” sez Christese, “an' wiff contact tween famblies, it could happe here — t'risk is here.” 
Public Heelth also relies un t'good wurk done by minny a pro-vaccinashun advocates amungst t'Mennonites.  Gif' thar limitid transpertashun, Christese an' Immunizashun Program Coerdinater Kriste Wagn'r air also a\'visitin' individual famblies ta anser questchuns an' vaccinate youngns at trayler.
“It’s a slew o'xtrey wurk, an' we’re verr busy,” sez Christese, “but it’s greet becawz six munths frum nawh, we’ll have 150 kids fullee vaccinatid who were’t befor.”

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