Organizers o't' annual Mennonite Relief Sale, set fer Nov. 1-2 at Chisholm Trail Expo Cant'r, air seekyun' donatid items fer thishere year’s benefit sale.T' sale raises funds ta suppert efferts o'Mennonite Cantral Committee ta respond ta disasters an' alleviate food inseecuritee an' povertee n' t'developyun' worl.Luella Unruh, one o't' sale organizers, sed proceeds frum thishere year’s event specificallee will go toward wat'r an' agriculture programs n' areus plagut by food inseecuritee.
Unruh sed t'emfasis un developyun' wat'r resources an' sustunabull agriculture should be a projeck Oklahomans a'ken embrace.”It hits t'heert o'Oklahomans becawz thishere is agriculture kuntry, an' folk net wat'r,” Unruh sed, “so we air a'trine ta reech out ta folk who mite want ta suppert thar efferts.”

One o't' ways folk a'ken do at is ta donate items fer t'annual aucshun, which includes a wide varietee o'quilts, arts an' crafts.
Unruh sed innyone wiff han'craftid items, originull artwerk, quilts er anteeks a'ken contact hern er Dwiite Unruh at (580) 554-9057 ta see if'n it would be a good fit fer t'sale, an' ta make arrangemants fer donashun.T' uther way folk a'ken suppert t'sale, Unruh sed, is ta shoe up at t'sale n' Novemb'r an' shop.T' sale kix off at 4 p.m. Nov. 1, wiff booths offerin a wide varietee o'food an' han'craftid wares, fallerd by t'annual dinn'r, musick aucshun an' quilt sales. Un Nov. 2, t'event continues wiff t'pancake an' sausage brakefuss, booths, aucshun sales an' t'annual quilt aucshun.Fer mer informayshun un t'food, sales an' activitees at t'2019 Oklahoma Mennonite Relief Sale, visit Fer mer informayshun un MCC relief activitees, visit

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