Bluffton council’s streets an' alleys committee coverd 18 topicks n' its 77-minnut meetin un Sept. 4.Amungst items un its agenda includt un agreement – appervt by t'full council un Sept. 9 –  ta remoov “No parkyun' 3 ta 5 a.m. – without permit” signs un 10 village streets.
T' signs wuz installt durin un era wen Bluffton Univesty studants wuz parkyun' un these streets due ta t'lack o'parkyun' areus un campus. At parkyun' issue wuz lat'r addresst by t'univesty, makin t'signs a moot point.
Joe Sehlherst an' Jerry Cupples air t'committee members. Wile t'parkyun' bun remuns n' place t'signs will be removt.
Streets affectid include:Lawn Avenue – Kibl'r ta FranklinGrove Street – Mane ta KiblerJacksen Street – Grove ta KiblerCampus Drif' an' College ViewHigh Street – Mane ta SpringCollege Avenue – Mane ta SpringFranklin Street – Mane ta SpringVine Street – Jacksen ta Spryun'Spryun' Street – College ta West ElmWest Elm Street  Mennonite Trayler ta Bantley
T' uther 17 topicks discusst air listid un t'committee’s minnuts beloe.T' entire council packet frum t'Sept. 9 meetin is also attacht.

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