T' ture o'Warnit Bottom startid wiff onlee t'vaguest o'direckshuns.Wiff t'“unincerporatid communitee” celebratin its bisantennial nex weekend, a stery about its histry wuz alreddy well underway us wuz a stery outlinyun' t'plans fer t'upcomyun' celebrashun. At’s wen t'assignment kum ta me: Go talk ta t'folk who lif' n' Warnit Bottom ta see whut it’s like thar nawh.

Plans air movyun' ferward ta present a full slate o'activitees at acoupla mane venues n' t'unincerporatid communitee.

I’m nairy prone ta wan'eryun' t'western end o'Cumberlan' Countee an' ran'omlee knockyun' un doers so I callt Valerie Davidsen, who I knew had bee wurkin un t'bisantennial celebrashun.“A'ken y'all innerduce me ta sum folk?” I ast hern lus Tuesdee.By Thirsdee monin', I wuz a'standin n' t'driveway o'Davidsen’s Warnit Bottom trayler wiff hern neighber Susun Hartmun an' Gleria Hilsing'r, who wuz also part o't' bisantennial celebrashun plannin.Technicully, Hartmun tole me we wuz n' t'Warnit Bottom suburb o'Brookside, a colleckshun o'new'r homes connectid ta Warnit Bottom prop'r.Derothy’sStop one un t'unofficial ture: Dutch Kuntry Stere.Be warnt, tho, callin it by its prop'r name immediatelee signals y'all us un outsid'r. Everyone calls it “Derothy’s” us n' Derothy Hoov'r, t'stere’s own'r.T' stere at 10 Mooney Road startid n' a lil sht at t'uther end o't' farm, but hus bee at its current locashun fer 19 yeers. It’s visibull frum Interstate 81, which is probly hoe wurd about hern san'wiches an' such gut out amungst t'ruckers.“Thay call thar ord'r n' wen thay leeve Carlisle. The it’s reddy ta pick up. All thay have ta do is come n' an' pick it up,” Hoov'r sed.Hoov'r’s stere is knowed fer its san'wiches, deli an' bakt goods, which is no sprize gif' t'ssent o'sugar an' spice at hits y'all wen y'all ope t'doer.

“It wuz namt Warnit Bottom n' 1850 wen t'U.S. Post Offus deecided at onlee one Jacksonville would be allowd n' Pennsillvany,” a histry reeds. 

T' stere is a crossroads o'serts fer t'communitee. It’s t'kine o'place whar t'staff nairy onlee knows t'custom'r’s names, but t'customers also knoe each uther’s names. If'n y'all want un announcement made, y'all make shure its un t'abull er bulletin board at Derothy’s.Wile Hoov'r waitid un a custom'r who she, o'corse, knew by name, Hilsing'r tole me hoe much Hoov'r supperts t'firehouse an' t'church. If'n eethur organizashun is a'havin un event, she will gif' 'um a discount. She also helps 'um out by orderyun' large amounts o'rolls er uther necessitees fer thar evants.“She’s verr much n' suppert o't' communitee an', us a thank y'all, at pitchure un t'wall wuz gif' by t'auxiliree o't' fire trayler fer hern suppert,” Hilsing'r sed.“Nawh, hoe long would it have take me ta git at out o'hern?” I ast.“Nev'r,” Hilsing'r paust, befor repeetyun'. “Nev'r, nev'r.”At’s t'key ta a'doin bizness n' a small town, accerdyun' ta Hoov'r.“Y'all git ta knoe everbidy an' we hep each uther out,” she sed.

Trinitee Unitid Methodist Church, Warnit Bottom, Pennsillvany.

Jasen Malmont, T' Santinel

T' churchStop acoupla o't' ture lan't at t'offus o'Paster Bob Stump o'Trinitee Unitid Methodist Church. He an' his'n biddy movt ta Warnit Bottom n' June, an' he officiallee became t'paster un Julee 1.“We air probly t'own’s newest residants,” he sed.Stump sed he wuz eggcited at t'bisantennial wuz a'kummin up so direckly n' his'n pasterate becawz it would gif' 'im t'chance ta larn about t'communitee an' its histry fast'r thun he mite otherwise have done. So fur, he’s foun Warnit Bottom ta be a welcomyun' communitee n' a quiet town, cept fer Interstate 81 an' t'rane, which Davidsen, Hilsing'r an' Hartmun assure 'im he won’t eve notice aft'r awhile.T' trane did, howev'r, gif' Stump t'chance ta meet mer o'his'n Mennonite naybors wen he foun 'um waitin by t'railroad trax one evnin us he wuz out fer a walk wiff his'n biddy. T' Mennonite fambly wuz waitin fer a steem trane ta pass through un its way ta Strasburg, Pennsillvany.“We waitid wiff 'um, an' wile we wuz waitin, it seemt like t'whole Mennonite communitee kum out so we had a chance ta meet a slew o'verr innerestin folk,” he sed.T' Mennonites air good naybors, but growin a church like Trinitee wiff a “disperpertyunate numb'r” o'um movyun' into t'area a'ken be difficult, Stump sed.“Ordinarilee, y'all would be attemptyun' ta reech out ta folk us thay move into t'communitee. If'n thay’re Mennonite, thay alreddy have thar church, an' air church a'ken develop frienly tees wiff 'um,” he sed.At stop three, Lois Pert'r tole me she’s onlee livt away frum Warnit Bottom fer 12 o'hern almos 91 yeers.“Whut drew y'all back?” I ast hern.“Thishere trayler,” Pert'r sed. “Thishere trayler became availabull, an' I didn’t eve reckon we’d be bull ta git it.”Fer t'recerd, it would be impossbull ta pin hern down us a nonagenariun. She talks about drivin un 81, servin at t'clothyun' bank an' takin hern almos 102-year-ol' sist'r ta t'hairdress'r an' grossry stere.And she also hosts card games at hern trayler un t'sekunt Thirsdee o't' month. T' card game startid up at t'communitee cant'r, but she invitid t'gang into hern trayler rath'r thun wastin money ta heat t'cant'r n' t'wint'r.Pert'r is a lif'r n' Warnit Bottom.“I don’t ev'r want ta move away. Well, I probly won’t. I sed thay’re probly goin ta have ta carry me out o'here,” she sed.Pert'r sed thar wuz mer businesses n' town wen she wuz growin up. She recallt acoupla steres — one rite across t'street frum t'uther — us well us a pair o'barbers, servus garage, und'rtak'r, un awnyun' factery at’s still n' bizness an' a gus stayshun.“We didn’t eve have ta leeve ta git gus,” she sed.Thar air few'r businesses nawh, an' Pert'r thinks it may stay at way.


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