Socc'r, like real estate, is all about locashun, locashun, locashun.Solanco freshmun Meg Bailey wuz n' t'rite place, at t'rite time — twicet — an' becawz she had t'rite locashun, she wuz bull ta place t'ball n' t'back o't' net. T' ultimate rite locashun.Bailey’s strike, wiff 1:42 lef n' t'furst overtime, deeliverd a 2-1 Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue win ov'r Lancast'r Mennonite un Mundie.

It wuz a key earlee win fer t'host Mules (2-1 L-L, 5-3 overall) us thay try ta separate thayselves frum a crowdt Seckshun Three field behin Elco.“Thay fouite hard toniite,” Golte Mules coach Ke Yod'r sed. “It wuz jes a real good win fer air program. And we nett at seckshun win aft'r a cuple o'rilly closes losses. I felt like we dominatid much o't' game.”Thay did, wiff a 12-4 edge n' shots un goal an' a 5-0 advantage n' cerners, nairy ta menchun whar it rilly showd up, a 32-12 edge n' offensif' chantses.Still, despite at dominance, it felt like a game at could slip away gif' t'rite moment fer Mennonite.T' Blazers (1-2, 4-4) took t'earlee lead n' t'12th minnut us Kendra Ceryell collectid a ball frum Eleeina Dinse, an' wiff a cuple o'touches burit hern shot frum t'lef side, 30 yards out. It wuz t'Blazers’ sekunt o'three shots un goal n' t'furst half.T' Mules event t'scereboard three minnuts into t'sekunt half us Alana Yod'r took a pass frum Kayde Bedwell, a'puttin a shot un goal. Blazers keep'r Keeidi Zhang deflectid t'strike, but coultn’t gane possession befor Bailey put t'rebound away.At wuz t'sceryun', but nairy t'acshun, n' regulashun us t'Mules pressurt LM’s defents.“We net ta larn hoe ta finish,” Yod'r sed. “I felt it should’ve bee 4-1.”T' Mules missd wide-ope looks three times n' regulashun. Wiff un ope look at t'lef post n' t'18th minnut, Bedwell pushd a shot wide lef. Fife minnuts aft'r Bailey’s furst goal, off Hannah Wood’s 29-yard a'loose kick, Maya Dolun chippt a soft shot ov'r t'crossbar.

And, wiff 11 minnuts lef, Bedwell’s fur post poke kissd off t'post an' rollt away.“We all kine o'stood thar an' we’re cheeryun',” Yod'r sed. “Nex thang y'all knoe, it’s outside t'goal. At seems ta be hoe it breeks fer us sumtimes.”Wiff t'furst overtime near compleshun, Nicole Trout brung t'ball down t'rite side fer t'Mules. She crosst ta Gracie Ung'r, who foun Bailey at t'op o't' 18 un t'lef side.“She foun me wiff a greet pass,” Bailey sed.A greet pass at earnt a greet finish.

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