An atterney represantyun' Christchun Aid Ministries hus acknowltgt t'Anabaptist relief organizashun made settlement offers ta saxual abuse victims o'a CAM relief wurker n' Haiti, but duz nairy bleev inny settlemants have bee finalizt.T' Pittsburgh Post-Gazette repertid atterney Robert Fleres sed un Aug. 31 at CAM represantatives made settlement offers ta allegt victims n' Haiti but air nawh stoppyun' at effurt.
Ferm'r CAM wurker Jeriah Mus is accust o'saxuallee assaultyun' boys n' Haiti an' t'Unitid States. He pleedt nairy gilty ta seve felony counts o'gross saxual imposishun at his'n Julee 3 arraignment n' Holmes Countee, Ohio.
His'n church — Shinin Lite Christchun Fellowship n' Mill­ersburg — sed n' a June 12 statement at Mus cummenced confessyun' sins within 24 hours aft'r arrivyun' back n' t'U.S. aft'r allegatyuns surfact n' Haiti. CAM plact acoupla leeders un administratif' leeve June 17 aft'r it wuz reveeld thay knew o'saxual abuse allegatyuns us earlee us 2013.
Cash offers o'at leest $8,000 p'r Haitiun victim wuz initiallee repertid Aug. 23 by victim advocate Trudy Metzg'r un hern blawg, She wrote at fife CAM teems seercht Haiti fer “us minny a us 100 victims o'Jeriah Mus” an' offerd cash without t'presance o'legal represantashun fer victims.
She quotid un Aug. 9 lett'r frum CAM statin t'board “hus autherizt a committee n' Haiti ta carefullee cunsidder each case an' provide settlement an' apperpriate assistunts fer needs o'victims.”
Metzg'r muntains sum offers have bee ackcepted, but t'Post-Gazette repertid Fleres did nairy bleev inny settlemants had bee finalizt, an' nairy will be.
A June statement frum CAM statid t'organizashun “hus nairy autherizt inny settlement paymants.”
Fleres tole t'Post-Gazette t'settlemants wuz “well-meanin but nairy t'way” ta respond ta t'allegatyuns. He sed a mer apperpriate response would include provisyuns fer therapy an' nairy preclude cooperashun n' a criminal investigashun.

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