Frum drag queens ta Amish eats, Lancast'r Countee hus bee t'a'settin o'minny a TV advantures.Here air fife shows er episodes at have bee filmt n' t'countee.

“Amish Mafia”

Lebanon Levi leeves his'n parkyun' space n' frunt o't' Ol' Lancast'r Courthouse off Eus Kyun' Street aft'r film croos finisht shootin. (Richard H'rtzl'r/Staff)

Tho t'“reelitee” TV shoe wuz marketid ta shoe t'inn'r werkings o't' Amish an' Mennonite communitees, t'shoe wuz scriptid an' largelee fake. Y'all a'ken reat un extensif' articull about t'series here. All o'“Amish Mafia” wuz filmt n' Lancast'r Countee, howev'r. T' shoe airt frum 2012 ta 2015.”Drag Me Down t'Aisle”

Frum lef, drag queens Bebe Zahara Benet , Thergy Ther, Alaxis Michelle an' Jujubee hepped a Lancast'r bride un t'TLC reelitee speshul “Drag Me Down t'Aisle.”


Thishere year, fer drag queens who had bee feeturt un “RuPaul’s Drag Race” kum ta Lancast'r ta take part n' a cuple’s speshul day fer t'TLC shoe “Drag Me Down t'Aisle.”T' episode feeturt local businesses such us Anita’s un Warnit, t'Universal Athletic Club un t'Oregon Pike an' Fetchyun' Flera an' Fleral Designs o'Mount Joy.John an' Emilee Lewis wuz marrd n' Decemb'r 2018. Y'all a'ken reat mer about thar weddyun' an' t'episode here. 

“Bizzare Foods: Deliciyus Destinatyuns”

Andrew Zimmern, un his'n perpetual quest ta eggsperients t'worl’s mos exotic foods, chows down un dride feesh stomachs n' thishere promotyunal image frum t'Travel Channel, which hosts Zimmern’s “Bizarre Foods” series.

Tremendyus Entertunment

N' 2018, t'Travel Channel film crew wint ta Lancast'r Cantral Market, Hammond’s Pretzel Bakery, Stoltzfus Meets an' uther businesses. T' projectid airyun' date is sumtime n' 2019, accerdyun' ta a stery writte by LNP repert'r Murry Elle Wriite.

“State Plate”

John Smuck'r, lef, CEO o'Bird-n'-Han' Corp., shares shooflee pie wiff Tayler Hix, host o'“State Plate” un INSP Netwerk.

INSP Netwerk

Amurkin Idol winn'r Tayler Hix visted Lancast'r Countee durin t'Pennsillvany-bast episode o'“State Plate,” a TV shoe at highlights staple dishes n' each state. LNP repert'r Murry Elle Wriite wrote at Hix visted Welsh Mountane Cannyun' Co. n' New Hollan', Bird-n'-Han' Bakery & Cafe n' Bird-n'-Han' an' Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery n' Lititz.T' filmyun' crew visted n' 2017.”Aharoni & Gidi’s Wunderful Journey”Israeli telavishun shoe hosts Yisrael Aharoni an' Gidi Gov visted Lancast'r n' 2018 ta film un episode about t'Lancast'r Cantral Market.
#Aharoni & #Gidi’s Wunderful Journey culinree/cultchur shoe @Israeli_Netwerk wuz filmyun' today n' #Lancast'r Cantral Mkt. I’ll write about thar visit n' Nex Winsdee’s food pages @LancasterOnline.Gidi Gov = sing'r/TV personalitee & Yisrael Aharoni = chef/own'r o'Hiro Tel Aviv pic.twitt'— Murry Elle Wriite (@MrightLNP) Julee 3, 2018

Did we miss inny shows? Let us knoe n' t'commints beloe.

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